• Discover how to prepare efficiently for Elden Ring DLC by finding hidden items and strategizing boss fights.
  • Use rare consumables like Brightbugs strategically to boost damage output and resistance for tough battles.
  • Equip powerful items like Prisoner’s Chain early on to increase stats and overcome challenges effectively.

Due to the high level of difficulty that the Souls series is famous for, players are always on the lookout for ways to make their builds as strong as possible. That notorious challenge might distract players from how many ways there are to become overpowered in these games, and while that might have them looking at the strongest weapons, it’s also worth keeping in mind that there are far more tools available in these mysterious lands than weapons alone.


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Knowing this can help new players to feel more confident about venturing into these games, being excited about the variety of options they have instead of being daunted by the prospect of getting stuck.

10 Radagon’s Sorseal (Elden Ring)

Damage-Inducing Talisman

radagon's soreseal in elden ring

Elden Ring

February 25, 2022

  • Found in Fort Faroth.
  • Raises Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 5 each.
  • Increases incoming damage by 15%.

An item that many players will rely on early on in their build, it’s a talisman with effects that seem too good to be true. With the increased damage that the player takes when using this talisman, that is arguably the case, especially when considering the high damage output from Elden Ring’shost of enemies.

However, that might not be a problem until later, because the boost in major stats that are provided by the Sorseal can make the game much easier until that point.

9 Brightbug (Dark Souls 2)

Damage-Increasing Consumable

Brightbug item in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

April 2, 2015


Action RPG

  • Found throughout the game (sold by merchant Hag Melentia at Majula).
  • More can be found by using Bonfire Ascetics.
  • Increases both damage output and resistance by 20%.

A consumable that increases both the damage dealt by the player and their resistance to incoming damage will have players looking for the catch. It can’t be used in combination with most other buffs in the game, but that might not seem like much of an issue.


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The only real draw here is that these items are rare – finite even. That means that using them for the more difficult fights in the game does add a certain amount of pressure to their use, and it might mean that it’s best to adopt a more strategic mindset about when it is best to deploy them.

8 Beast Blood Pellet (Bloodborne)

Damage-Increasing Consumable

Bloodborne Beast Blood Pellet

  • Found throughout the game (can be found regularly in the Forbidden Woods).
  • Can be purchased with insight in the Hunter’s Dream.
  • Becomes less effective the more insight the player has.

These items grant the player Beasthood for 60 seconds, meaning that the more damage they deal, the more powerful their attacks become – but as this meter fills, the more damage the player also takes when hit. The end result is that the player can start to build up an enormous amount of damage that more easily chips away the large health pools of endgame enemies and bosses.

While the prospect of taking more damage from Bloodborne’s famously aggressive enemies might be intimidating, adopting the all-out offensive playstyle that Bloodborne encourages can make it easier to take advantage of this effect.

7 Bonfire Ascetic (Dark Souls 2)

Area Resetting Consumable

Dark Souls 2 Bonfire Ascetic

  • Found throughout the game (can be chosen as a starting gift in the character creation).
  • Using this item permanently raises the New Game + level of an area, even on subsequent cycles.
  • Some locations are different between the standard edition of the game and Scholar of the First Sin.

These consumables represent a novel idea in the series that has never been replicated since – the ability to ‘reset’ a given area with all items restored, but elevating the difficulty by one New Game + cycle.

First of all, this makes rare items like Brightbugs more available that might be otherwise inaccessible, and secondly, players can fight old bosses again for much higher soul rewards than they would previously offer, meaning that player characters can be leveled and strengthened further than they’d otherwise be at that point.

6 Prisoner’s Chain (Dark Souls 3)

Stat-Increasing Ring

Prisoner's chain item in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

March 24, 2016

Action RPG

  • Must defeat Champion Gundyr in the Untended Graves.
  • Trade in Champion Gundyr’s Soul to Ludleth at Firelink Shrine.
  • Increases Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality.

Before Radagon’s Sorseal, there was the Prisoner’s Chain. Serving much the same function (increasing stats while also increasing damage taken), this item is often much more effective because of how little that reduced damage resistance matters compared to the Sorseal.

Instead of increasing the damage taken by a flat percentage like the Sorseal, the Prisoner’s Chain is tied to the absorption stat, making it less detrimental.

5 Humanity (Dark Souls)

Healing Item

Dark Souls Humanity

Dark Souls Remastered

May 23, 2018

Action RPG

  • Found regularly throughout the game (dropped by large rats in the Depths).
  • Used to restore humanity at bonfires.
  • Online invasions or co-op can often gain players’ Humanity.

In the original Dark Souls, players have the ability to increase their total amount of Estus Flask uses (this game’s healing item) to a record 20. However, players will also have access to a consumable item called Humanity.

As players progress through the land of Lordran, their attention will be drawn to just how many of these items they run into, letting them become more than prepared for the harder, endgame fights.

4 Shinobi Firecracker (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Stunning Secondary Weapon

character using firecracker item in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

March 22, 2019

Action RPG

  • Offered by Orangutan at the Dilapidated Temple after purchasing Robert’s Firecracker in the Ashina Outskirts.
  • Requires spirit emblems to be used.
  • Enemies such as Headless and Headless Ape are immune to this tool.

Anyone who has played Sekiro will likely know how valuable this prosthetic tool can be in a pinch. In a game where the combat is as relentless as it is here, any chance to find a reprieve is valuable. Whether the player needs some space in a given encounter, or simply an opening to attack, blinding the opponent temporarily has a great deal of utility.


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There are further upgrades available to this prosthetic tool, giving way to options like an increased radius or a prolonged duration which can customize how players adapt the firecracker to various situations.

3 Clawmark Caryll Rune (Bloodborne)

Damage-Increasing Rune

Bloodborne Clawmark Rune

  • Dropped by defeating the Beast Claw NPC in Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village.
  • Dropped by defeating Gilbert in Central Yharnam.
  • Random chance to spawn in Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice Dungeon.

While tricky to pull off, visceral attacks are one of the most effective ways to deal damage in Bloodborne. The satisfaction of a well-timed parry is rewarded with the opportunity to gain a complete advantage, something that can be especially valuable when it comes to boss fights.

With the Clawmark rune, these attacks can deal even more damage, to the point where players can gear their entire strategy around finding and exploiting the opportunities for visceral attacks.

2 Havel’s Ring (Dark Souls)

Equip Load Boosting Ring

Havel's Ring in Dark Souls

  • Dropped by defeating Havel in Darkroot Basin.
  • Easier to obtain early if the Master Key is chosen as the starting gift.
  • Is also available in Dark Souls 3.

Increasing carrying capacity doesn’t initially sound like it has the potential to be overpowered. However, when paired with how powerful poise is in the original Dark Souls, having a way of piling on heavy armor gives players a clear path to victory in most situations.

On top of that, the increased equipment load also means that a player has access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game, such as the black knight arsenal.

1 Ring Of Favor And Protection (Dark Souls)

Stat-Increasing Ring

Ring of favor and protection in Dark Souls

  • Dropped by defeating Lautrec (most easily done by kicking him off of Firelink Shrine and then exiting and reloading the game).
  • It is capable of raising stamina past what would normally be the maximum possible amount.
  • Can also be traded to Snuggly in exchange for the Xanthous Crown.

This ring can be gotten relatively early on in the game and is transformative for many builds as a result of that, increasing health, stamina, and carry weight (stacking on top of Havel’s Ring).

While the downside is that it breaks if a player ever removes it, that might never be necessary, as the stat gains made here will be useful throughout the game, allowing players to level up other stats instead.


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