• Haunted Bloodlines is a new psychological horror game inspired by PT and coming to Steam, with a free demo available.
  • PT’s cancelation left fans disappointed, but a new game hopes to capture the same addictive horror experience.
  • Horrified Triangles, the developer behind Haunted Bloodlines, may have a promising future in the horror gaming industry.

Haunted Bloodlines, a new psychological survival horror inspired by Hideo Kojima’s infamous PT, is coming to Steam. Despite serving as a mere snippet of what the since-canceled project Silent Hills promised to be, PT remains one of the greatest horror games ever made. After PT was removed from the PlayStation store, fans were left disgruntled and unfulfilled, but PT‘s legacy could continue with a copycat game mimicking the teaser’s addictive and exhilarating mechanics.

Back in 2014, Hideo Kojima collaborated with legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to create a photorealistic playable teaser for Silent Hills, an installment in the Silent Hill franchise that was ultimately canceled after three years of development. It was set to star Norman Reedus as the protagonist, but Kojima, del Toro and Reedus reunited again for Death Stranding instead. Konami’s decision to cancel PT was met with criticism from journalists and fans, but the reasoning remains a mystery to this day. Now, a decade later, Iphigames is releasing a PT look-a-like to hopefully revive the simple yet effective gameplay style.


How P.T.’s Legacy Lives on With Reveil

P.T. may be long gone, but it’s not forgotten, as its legacy is being carried on by psychological horror games like Pixelsplit’s Reveil.

Steam Next Fest is a celebration of upcoming games that offers a glimpse at all the latest titles coming to PC in 2024. The event begins June 10 at 10 AM PT and kicks off with Iphigames announcing a free-to-play demo of Haunted Bloodlines, a first-person psychological horror developed by newcomer Horrified Triangles. The plot follows a character who inherits a large mansion following the death of their father, but begins to experience supernatural disturbances that have them questioning their own sanity. Similar to the concept of PT and even comparable to the critically acclaimed Outlast series, Haunted Bloodlines offers no way to defend oneself as the only options are to run or hide.

New Developer Horrified Triangles Spearheads Haunted Bloodlines

Earlier this year, Iphigames released Skaramazuzu, a hand-drawn, gothic adventure set in an atmospheric shadow puppet world with a visual design akin to the likes of Undertale and Night in the Woods. Skaramazuzu has received positive reviews, despite only being available on Steam for a few months. Iphigames also developed Abtos Covert, another survival horror set in a remote military outpost that blends the creative visions of the immersive Slender: The Eight Pages and the terrifying Five Nights at Freddy’s, utilizing environmental point-and-click interactions and a security camera setup.

Haunted Bloodlines has no confirmed release date, but the likelihood is that Horrified Triangles will have the full version available in either late 2024 or early 2025. Although it’s still early days for the developer, a partnership with Iphigames could prove beneficial given the steady flow of positive reviews on the publisher’s other titles. And if Haunted Bloodlines proves to be as popular as PT’s spiritual successor Supernormal, Horrified Triangles could be kick-starting a fruitful career.


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