The next version of the Nintendo Switch might be released later this year and feature an 8-inch LCD display, based on reporting from Bloomberg.

First, it’s been six years since the first Switch came out. Its hardware is fairly outdated now, and chances are we might see a Switch 2 this year. The reporting suggests it might be released during this year’s holiday season.

Bloomberg says Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase says the new console will launch with an 8-inch LCD display. The last version of the Nintendo console was the Switch OLED, released in 2021, which featured a 7-inch OLED display.

Other reports suggest it could be unveiled in March and available for pre-order around late August or early September. If the latter is true, it will likely coincide with the release of the rumored PS5 Pro.

Secondly, Sharp Corp, the company that has worked with Nintendo as its Switch assembler, said they’re working on an upcoming console and supplying LCD displays. Their comment is from last year, and the product was apparently in the R&D stage at the time. This suggests a few things. The most obvious is that we could likely see a Switch 2 soon, but also that it might be released in 2024, considering it was in R&D last year, and lastly, it might sport an LCD panel.

Specs-wise, though, the Switch 2 rumors don’t sound very exciting and not the graphical overhaul some Nintendo Switch fans were hoping for. RedGamingTech on YouTube released a video with rumored specs, and according to him, we could see an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor, 10 streaming multiprocessors, 8GB memory, and 64GB eMMC storage in the Switch 2. Coupled with an LCD screen instead of an OLED, the specs sound pretty underwhelming.


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