No Rest For The Wicked has launched into early access and is already sending a message to its playerbase that this game is not for the feint of heart. Despite only being in the prologue stages, the opening boss fight is proving to be an enormous challenge for players as they come to grips with the combat and movement mechanics of the game.

Before players can begin the main storyline in the settlement of Sacrament, they must first take on the deformed and twisted boss known as Warrick The Torn. This beast is aggressive, agile, and extremely powerful, which may overwhelm many players as they start their journey in the game. For some tips on how to beat Warrick The Torn in No Rest For The Wicked, read on for some key points on preparing and battling this monster.


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How To Beat Warrick The Torn in No Rest For The Wicked

The first major boss fight in the action RPGNo Rest For The Wicked is against Warrick the Torn, who is blocking the passage for players to progress through to the city of Sacrament and begin the main storyline of the game. Warrick is a tough boss in his own right, but it is particularly tough given how early in the game he comes, as players may still be becoming accustomed to crucial game mechanics like blocking, parrying, healing, and stamina management.

While he is a tough boss to beat, he is certainly not unbeatable. Here are some ways players can level the playing field against Warrick.

Stock Up On Mushroom Soup

The first recipe players will learn in No Rest For The Wicked is Mushroom Soup, which is one that has minimal ingredients, is easy to cook, and will give players a significant health boost when the fight turns ugly for the Cerim. The area prior to the battle has quite a few locations where the mushrooms and herbs needed for the recipe can be found and there is a campfire nearby where you can cook them. Alternatively, speak to the blacksmith near the closest Whisper to Warrick and purchase meals from him as well.

Before the battle, ensure that you have Mushroom Soup assigned to your quick select wheel so you can replenish your health on the go, as you cannot pause the action midway through the fight. Warrick’s attacks are quick, so ensure to distance yourself and wait for a lull in the fight before eating the soup.

Dodge Toward Warrick

Warrick’s attacks can cover great distances and be very effective against players, so the best way to manage his offensive offerings is to actually dodge toward him as he attacks. This is an effective strategy for two reasons; you can avoid his devastating attacks and also be close enough to Warrick to counter-attack.

It is worth noting not to dodge directly into Warrick as players will risk being halted by his enormous body. Instead aim the dodge in his general direction but slightly off to one side. Aside from his jumping attacks, this technique will avoid the majority of Warrick’s offense.


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Manage Your Stamina

Stamina management is among the most challenging facets of No Rest For The Wicked for players to wrap their heads around, and the battle against Warrick the Torn is the ultimate test of this. In order to overcome this boss, you need to time your moves just right, know when to rest, and overall have the patience to telegraph his attacks and avoid damage.

Stamina management comes in many forms for this fight, so players should be mindful of the following:

  • Keep attacking sequences to a maximum of two strikes at a time, as you’ll need some stamina to get out of Warrick’s way as well.
  • Attacks and evasive maneuvers both use up the stamina meter, so be mindful of not overusing the techniques and exposing yourself to damage.
  • Your movement and stamina maintenance is affected by how much weight you’re carrying. So, depending on whether you prefer a lighter or heavier build, consider how much armor and weaponry you carry into the fight.

Opt For A Lighter Weight Class

Weight classes play a significant role in how agile a player is, which is of particular importance in the battle against Warrick the Torn. This boss’ movements can be sudden and attacks lightning-fast, so it is crucial that players are able to respond with some equally quick reflexes.

While heavier builds can offer greater resistance to heavy attacks, it is too early in the game to get your hands on armor and gear that will effectively protect you against Warrick. To deal with this disadvantage, it is actually better for players to have less armor and equipment, so they are assigned the Light or Normal weight class. With these weight classes, you’ll spend less stamina when attacking and dodging, and you’ll recover your stamina far quicker, which is arguably the most important advantage you can have in this battle.

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