• One Piece chapter 1106 had an amazing payoff for fans, with Luffy returning with Gear 5 to save the day.
  • Vegapunk made Bonney the highest authority of the Pacifistas, gaining a major advantage for the Straw Hat Pirates in battle.
  • Luffy’s powerful punch with Gear 5 blew away Kizaru and Bonney realized that Luffy was the Sun God she and Kuma were looking for.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for chapter 1106 of One Piece, “On Your Side,” by Eiichiro Oda, translated by Stephen Paul, and lettered by Vanessa Satone, now available in English from MangaPlus.

One Piece chapter 1106 officially dropped earlier today and it is safe to say that this week’s chapter had one of the most amazing payoffs that fans have witnessed in quite a while. With the war on Egghead raging with full intensity, some of the most exciting developments took place on the island that eventually saw Luffy return with his incredible Gear 5 to save the day in the face of danger.


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At the same time, this chapter also saw some of Luffy’s most incredible allies show up towards the end and pave the way for an escape, as Egghead Island continues to ramp up the intensity of the ongoing war. This week’s chapter was truly phenomenal for all the fans to witness and it certainly had a lot of things for the fans to dissect as well.

Bonney Takes Command Of The Pacifistas

bonney takes control of the pacifistas one piece 1106

One Piece chapter 1106 picked up right from where the previous one left off. At the end of the previous chapter, fans saw the group falling from the vacuum rocket being targeted by all the Pacifistas on the island. On Saturn’s command, each Pacifista took aim at the likes of Kuma, Bonney, Franky, and Atlas, and attempted to shoot them down to that. This is where Vegapunk surprised the fans with his bravery, as he revealed that he had built in a special condition within the Pacifistas as a fail-safe method. For Vegapunk, the worst scenario of all was the Pacifista, who were based on Kuma, being used to kill Bonney. He could not bear this thought and, as a result, he decided to make Bonney the highest authority of all the Pacifistas that look like Kuma. This way, he would ensure that Kuma would always be there to protect Bonney and that she would never face a terrible fate or an injury at his hands. Vegapunk, through Atlas, conveyed this message to Bonney and that is how Bonney realized that she had terrific power up her sleeve.

With one order, that asked all the Pacifistas on the island to help them escape and get rid of their enemies, Bonney was able to change the tide of battle. For those who do not remember, there are currently 50 Mark 3 Pacifistas on the island and all of them have now allied with the Straw Hat Pirates, greatly shifting the tides in their favor. The Pacifistas immediately started taking aim at the Marines nearby and destroyed many battleships around the island. Now, the playfield has been leveled somewhat and this only means that the Straw Hat Pirates now have a major advantage in battle.

Kizaru’s Assault and Gear 5’s Return

kizaru and gear 5 luffy return one piece 1106

While One Piece chapter 1106 certainly did give Bonney a great advantage and helped her shift the tides of battle, it did not successfully protect her from the fury of the Marines. Even though the Pacifistas were stopped from taking aim at the following group, there were other foes that the heroes on Egghead Island had to deal with. For instance, Saint Saturn immediately decided to skewer Vegapunk for his great folly against the World Government of making Bonney the highest authority of the Mark 3 Pacifista units. Using his giant spider leg, he pierced Vegapunk right across his chest and injured him greatly.

Thankfully, this injury does not appear to be to any of his vitals and he will most likely survive this ordeal. Meanwhile, Saturn also ordered Kizaru to strike down the falling group which was previously targeted by the Mark 3 Pacifistas. Kizaru wasted no time in getting up to them and would have sliced down both father and child if he had been given the opportunity. His assault injured nearly everyone who was falling from the sky other than Sanji. That said, Sanji was not able to stop Kizaru from nearly killing Kuma and Bonney and that is precisely where Luffy had to enter the battle.


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With a powerful punch powered by Haki, Luffy completely blew away Kizatu and sent him crashing. This was quite easily the most glorious panel of the chapter, as, for the very first time, Bonney realized that Luffy was truly Nika. Up until this point, Bonney had not connected the dots.

As confirmed by Vegapunk himself, it was hard for anyone to see this, however, once Bonney saw the white form of Luffy and the rubbery body, coupled with the joyful laughter and the drums of liberation, she immediately realized that Luffy was the Sun God, Nika, and the person that both Kuma and she were always looking for. A Buster Call is absolutely no threat to Luffy, as there are people who have been waiting for this individual for hundreds of years now.

Dorry and Brogy’s Arrival On Egghead

dorry and broggy return one piece 1106

With Luffy tapping into the power of Gear 5, things are now getting more exciting, and One Piece chapter 1106 certainly highlighted that. According to Luffy himself, having eaten all that food, he is now at full power and he is raring to go. Luffy cannot be stopped in battle now and given his level of strength, it is only a matter of time before he ends up in battle against the likes of Saturn on Egghead. That said, Luffy isn’t alone in the Egghead war either. His Gear 5 transformation saw to it that some of the other allies on the island woke up as well. Of course, for those who paid attention in the chapter, it would be incredibly hard to miss the Iron Giant starting to move as well. Once again, it appears that the Iron Giant is linked to Luffy’s Drums of Liberation and that it will come into play very soon.

At the same time, One Piece chapter 1106 delivered an incredible development towards the end when the ally ship that was seen coming towards Egghead was finally unveiled by Oda. Fans previously believed this group to be the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, or, potentially the Revolutionary Army. Many others also believe that this would be the Blackbeard Pirates, who were previously seen around the island. However, One Piece chapter 1106 confirmed this ship to be from the island of Elbaf, and the flagship of the Giant Pirates. It was none other than Dorry and Brogy who showed themselves on Egghead Island in hopes of getting Straw Hat Luffy away from the place because, according to them, it is now their duty to do so, as Luffy is none other than Nika himself.

Things are getting more heated on Egghead Island and fans simply cannot wait to see all these amazing developments unfold as the story continues. The Egghead Island Arc is only going to get more intense, with Dorry and Brogy attempting to destroy the Navy fleet surrounding Egghead, paving the way for Luffy and the crew to escape after they are done dealing with the many powerful enemies on the island.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1107, is set to be February 18, 2024.

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