• The diverse cast of characters in One Piece includes various tribes with unique abilities, making them feared for their strength.
  • The Three-Eye tribe possesses the ability to decipher Poneglyphs using the Voice of All Things, with Charlotte Pudding being the only known member.
  • The Mink Tribe, the strongest tribe in One Piece, has animals that walk like humans and possess abilities such as Electro and Sulong.

One Piece is a series that takes pride in its diverse cast of characters. They come from different countries, races, and tribes. The latter are found in different parts of the world, but they mainly stay together in one place.


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Members of a particular tribe have special abilities, which give them an advantage in battle. These powers are mostly physical and are visible to the other person. However, it is still tough to discern how to bypass them. Due to this reason, these One Piece tribes are feared throughout the world for their strength.

7 Three-Eye Tribe

Notable Members: Charlotte Pudding

One Piece Pudding blushing

The Three-Eye tribe is one of the most important ones in One Piece. This race possesses three eyes. The two on the face are normal, but the third one on the forehead allows the person to decipher Poneglyphs using the Voice of All Things. This ability is only possessed by those who have awakened their third eye completely.

The only known member of this tribe so far is Charlotte Pudding, and she is not of a pure three-eye lineage. Due to her potential to awaken the ability, Pudding was kidnapped by the Blackbeard Pirates. As the crew is looking for a way to reach Laugh Tals, Pudding is the key for them to doing so.

6 Tontatta Tribe

Notable Members: Tonta-Chief Gancho, Princess Mansherry, Leo, Wicca, Bian

Mansherry holding her hands

Tontatta are dwarves that live in Green Bit in Dressrosa. Their bodies are tiny, and they have furry tails and pointy noses. Despite their size, the Tontatta have great physical strength. They can overwhelm a below-average person with ease.


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The Tontatta tribe members have a special kind of fighting style known as Tontatta combat. The style is extremely effective at close range, and most of the time, it is used in conjunction with weapons such as lances. The Tontatta Combat also lets them use their tails as weapons.

5 Snakeneck Tribe

Notable Members: Charlotte Mondée, Charlotte Amande, Charlotte Hachée, Charlotte Joscarpone

Snakeneck Tribe from One Piece

The Snakeneck Tribe is a rare group of humanoids that have long necks. Their homeland is unknown, and given how massive the Grandline is, it is hard to pinpoint it. A member of the Snakeneck Tribe can fetch 700,000 berries if sold into slavery. Whether the price is because of their exotic nature or strength remains unknown.

The Snakeneck tribe members don’t seem to have any great physical power except for long necks. Their extended necks can reach their target even if there is a considerable distance between them.

4 Longleg Tribe

Notable Members: Tamago, Blue Gilly, Charlotte Smoothie

Smoothie Drinking A Freshly Squeezed Victim In One Piece

The Longleg tribe members are known for their long legs. The big legs grant them additional height, making them taller than normal humans. The Longleg tribe members can use their extended limbs to launch devastating kicks at their opponents.


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Blue Gilly, one of the most well-known members of the Longleg tribe, was involved in the competition that took place in the Corridor Coliseum. He used Jao Kun Do with his long legs to wreak havoc in the competition.

3 Longarm Tribe

Notable Members: Scratchmen Apoo, Ideo, Charlotte Myukuru, Joseph

One Piece Scratchmen Apoo

As the name suggests, the Longarm tribe is known for its lengthy arms. The first member of this tribe to be seen in the series was Scratchmen Apoo, who at the time was a 198 million Beri bounty pirate. The long arms of this tribe are a result of them having two joints on each one.

Longarm tribe members can use their arms to improve their reach in a fight. This was perfectly demonstrated by Ideo, who used it to his advantage in the Dressrosa arc. Ideo also compressed his shoulders to increase the punching power to the point that they felt like mini-explosions. The members of this tribe have no restrictions on mingling with other tribes, and this has resulted in many half-human hybrids.

2 Kuja Tribe

Notable Members: Shakky, Gloriosa, Boa Hancock, Boa Marigold, Boa Sandersonia

pirate empress boa hancock

The Kuja tribe lives in Amazon Lily, an island inside the Calm Belt. They have a very strict no-men policy, so it is forbidden for any man to set foot on the island. Any male who says foot on Amazon Lily is caught and persecuted.

Since the members of the Kuja tribe live in the Calm Belt, they face Sea Kings on a daily basis. Given their massive size, the Kuja members have to train a lot before they can fight a Sea Beast. The members of this tribe are renowned for having strong Haki.

1 Mink Tribe

Notable Members: Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Carrot, Pedro, Wanda, Bepo

Carrot's sulong form

The Mink Tribe is the strongest tribe in One Piece. They are animals that walk like bipeds and also have the power of cognitive thinking. The Minks live in Mokomo Dukedom in Zou. They are not feral; in fact, they are extremely friendly.

The Mink tribe members are physically superior to most humans. Depending on what animal they represent, they can have great strength or agility. The Minks possess two unique abilities, namely, Electro and Sulong. They can use Electro to attack their opponents with electric shock. The Sulong transformation is unique, and it is something that the Minks go through on a full moon night. This change bolsters their physical strength significantly.

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