• Big Mom is an incredibly powerful pirate, easily defeating strong opponents like Brook, Jorul, Page One, Vinsmoke Judge, Ulti, Niji and Yonji, Queen, and Monkey D. Luffy.
  • She effortlessly takes down her enemies with her immense strength and abilities, leaving them helpless and defeated.
  • Despite some opponents putting up a fight or momentarily recovering, Big Mom ultimately emerges victorious in all of her battles, showing her dominance as one of the strongest pirates.

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is one of the former Yonko of the Sea and among the most dangerous pirates, being worth 4.388 billion berries. Big Mom rose to the pinnacle of piracy and established a powerful empire during her many years of rule in the New World.


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Being a Yonko, it is no surprise for the fans to know that Big Mom is quite easily one of the strongest pirates in One Piece. She fought many battles over the years and defeated countless enemies, some of which the fans know of very well.

8 Brook

Defeated By Big Mom In Whole Cake Island

Brook Defending Robin

The musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook put on quite a show against Big Mom, and, to say the least, he was very brave in this encounter. However, it was quite clear that he was absolutely no match for the Yonko of the Sea.

Big Mom was fiddling with Brook when they clashed and, eventually, despite his valiant effort, he was utterly crushed and made her very own pet.

7 Jorul

Defeated By Big Mom In Elbaf

Jorul one piece

Jorul was one of the leaders of the Giant Warrior Pirates of Elbaf and certainly a very powerful individual. When Big Mom was 5 years old, she managed to not just fight but also kill Jorul. In fact, she did so without even being serious.

It must be noted that by this point, Jorul was already very weak due to his old age. However, despite that, for Big Mom to completely kill him after shattering his sword with her bare fist in a single strike is nothing short of extraordinary. This is part of why Big Mom doesn’t have good relationships with the giants of Elbaf.

6 Page One

Defeated By Big Mom In Onigashima

Page One in his beast form One Piece

One of the Tobi Roppo of the Beast Pirates, Page One is one of the many victims of Big Mom in One Piece. He came across the Yonko of the Sea in the Onigashima raid and, in a single strike that was coated in the power of the Color of the Supreme King, Big Mom took him down.

Page One stood absolutely no chance against her in combat and his Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit was not powerful enough to protect him from the wrath of the Yonko.

5 Vinsmoke Judge

Defeated By Big Mom In Whole Cake Island

Vinsmoke Judge in One Piece anime

The leader of the Vinsmoke Family and the Germa Kingdom, Vinsmoke Judge is yet another individual who fought against Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island arc. Judge was quite strong, as was evident from the fact that he was able to stalemate a fight against Charlotte Snack, a 600 million berry pirate.


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Furthermore, he also leads the Vinsmokes, all of which are capable fighters on their own. Judge attacked Big Mom during the tea party and was struck down in a single strike using Zeus’ thunderbolt. Judge was knocked out for quite a significant period of time and when he woke up, he suffered severe injuries.

4 Ulti

Defeated By Big Mom In Onigashima

ulti one piece

Another one of the Tobi Roppo, Ulti is a character who ended up fighting against Big Mom following the fall of her brother. After Big Mom took down Page One, Ulti was infuriated and she too ended up falling victim to the Yonko.

Big Mom used the combination of her homies to create Meiser Cannon, and shot Ulti right through her gut. Now, it must be noted that Ulti still did manage to get up a while later, however, she was completely knocked out once hit by this attack and, thus, she ended up losing her fight against Big Mom, which was expected.

3 Niji and Yonji

Defeated By Big Mom In Whole Cake Island

Vinsmoke Niji from One Piece

Niji and Yonji are two of the most powerful members of the Vinsmoke Family and elite assassins as well as fighters. These individuals were powerful enough to take on the higher-ranking officers of the Big Mom Pirates. However, again to Big Mom herself, they were helpless.

Despite gaining access to their Raid Suit during the tea party, they were not able to put up any sort of fight against Big Mom and they ended up losing the battle. Furthermore, these two individuals once again lost to Big Mom at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc and were then imprisoned in Mont d’Or’s Book Prison.

2 Queen

Defeated By Big Mom in Udon, Wano

Queen Brachiosaurus in One Piece

Known as the Plague, Queen was one of the All Stars of the Beast Pirates and an extremely dangerous individual worth 1.32 billion berries. In the second act of the Wano arc, Queen came face to face with Big Mom herself, who, at this point, had lost her memories.

Despite that, Big Mom managed to take down Queen rather effortlessly and completely knocked him out after wrestling him. To the testament of Queen, he did manage to get back up very soon and, when that happened, he planned an elaborate attack on Big Mom, which ended up working to an extent. Nonetheless, he did lose his battle against Big Mom.

1 Monkey D. Luffy

Defeated By Big Mom in Whole Cake Island

Luffy orders Jinbei after Wholecake

Luffy and Big Mom did not get many chances to fight. However, in the Whole Cake Island arc, these two individuals had a short skirmish. Luffy entered Gear Fourth in an attempt to punch Big Mom, which the Yonko blocked with her forearm rather easily.

Luffy ended up losing all his steam shortly afterwards and lamented the fact that he was all out of energy already. This was a clear indication of the fact that Luffy was not on the level of the Yonko and that an extended battle between them would end in favor of the Yonko. This skirmish was easily won by Big Mom.

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