• One Piece has become a highly influential manga and anime franchise due to its longevity and impact on popular culture.
  • Usopp, the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, has shown remarkable character growth from a cowardly liar to a reliable ally.
  • Usopp’s journey reflects themes of courage, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams, making him an integral and inspiring member of the crew.

One Piece is one of the greatest manga and anime franchises in history, even though it has been running for a long period. It’s not wrong to say that perhaps the One Piece franchise is one of the most influential manga and anime franchises of all time, not only affecting the industry but also influencing popular culture to a great extent. Due to the uniqueness of this franchise, it is possible to serve its customers in the form of manga and anime.

Over the years, since the first episode of the One Piece animated series was broadcast in 1999, a number of main characters have shown admirable character development. In the case of the Straw Hat Pirates, it’s particularly impressive. Everyone in the franchise has had their fair share of changes, ups and downs. The Straw Hat sniper, Usopp, is one such character who has developed admirable character traits. Let’s take a look at how Usopp has changed since the beginning of season 1.


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The Cowardly Liar

Usopp Yelling

Since his introduction in the first season of the One Piece anime, Usopp, the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, has undergone significant growth both in terms of his character development and his role within the crew. From his initial portrayal as a boastful and cowardly liar to his evolution into a brave and reliable ally, Usopp’s journey reflects themes of courage, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. In the first season, Usopp is introduced as a skilled marksman and a habitual liar, often exaggerating his exploits to impress others and boost his own self-esteem. Despite his bravado, Usopp harbors deep insecurities and fears, particularly regarding his deceased mother and his absent father, Yasopp, who serves as a sharpshooter in the Red-Haired Pirates. His initial interactions with the Straw Hat Pirates are marked by tension and distrust as he struggles to find his place among the crew.

Physically, Usopp is depicted as a skinny and wiry young man with a long nose, a characteristic feature inherited from his father. His attire, consisting of a green bandana, goggles, and a patched-up vest, reflects his role as a marksman and an inventor, emphasizing his resourcefulness and creativity.

Going Beyond Insecurities

Usopp Timeskip Transition with two different Usopp images

As the series progresses, Usopp’s character undergoes profound development, particularly during pivotal arcs such as the Syrup Village Arc and the Enies Lobby Arc. He confronts his insecurities and fears head-on, proving himself to be a capable fighter and a loyal friend to his crew members. His emotional journey culminates in moments of bravery and self-sacrifice, where he overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to keep his friends safe and fulfill his aspirations. Throughout the series, Usopp’s relationship with the Straw Hat Pirates evolves from one of skepticism to one of genuine camaraderie and mutual respect. He becomes an integral member of the crew, using his sharpshooting skills and inventive gadgets to aid them in their adventures across the Grand Line. His interactions with Luffy, in particular, highlight their deep bond and shared values of freedom and adventure.


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In addition to his role as the crew’s sharpshooter, Usopp also demonstrates his ingenuity and resourcefulness in various situations, often using his intelligence and creativity to outsmart adversaries and overcome obstacles. Whether it’s building makeshift weapons or devising clever strategies in battle, Usopp proves himself to be a truly valuable asset to the Straw Hat Pirates time and time again.

Reliable Usopp


As the series progresses into later arcs such as the Dressrosa Saga and the Whole Cake Island Arc, Usopp continues to grow both as a marksman and as an individual. He faces new challenges and adversaries, further honing his skills and deepening his bonds with his crew members. His courage and determination shine through as he helps his friends overcome their own struggles and traumas, demonstrating his growth from a cowardly liar to a brave and reliable ally. Physically, Usopp’s appearance may undergo subtle changes over the course of the series, but his essential characteristics remain consistent, symbolizing his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. His iconic goggles and slingshot serve as reminders of his journey from a small-time liar to a respected member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

To summarize, Usopp’s character has undergone significant growth and development since the first season of the One Piece anime. From his initial portrayal as a boastful and cowardly liar to his evolution into a brave and reliable ally, Usopp’s journey reflects themes of courage, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. As an integral member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he continues to inspire fans with his ingenuity, bravery, and unwavering commitment to his friends and his dreams.

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