Palia is a vibrant life simulation MMO where players immerse themselves in an enchanting world brimming with sprawling fields and pristine oceans. In this game, you can enjoy lots of engaging activities, such as cooking, hunting, mining, and fishing, while building friendships with the villagers.

Talking about fishing, it’s among the most important mechanics in the game. With approximately 100 types of fish, players who like fishing have plenty of options. Some fish are only available during specific times of the day, while others require specific baits to catch. Striped Sturgeon is among the rarest fish in Palia. If you want to catch Striped Sturgeon in the game, this guide has got you covered.


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How to Catch Striped Sturgeon in Palia

Fishing with Einar in Palia.

In Palia, fish are categorized into two types: common and uncommon. The Striped Sturgeon belongs to the latter category. Its light-colored stripes make it nearly invisible during the daytime.

It’s important to note that Striped Sturgeon is exclusively found in only one area in Palia. To find this fish, make your way to Fisherman’s Lagoon in Kilima Village. Located south of Kilima Village, you can easily reach there on foot.

You can catch this fish in the evening and at night. The fish swims close to the shore, and to catch it, you will need to bait it with a worm. If you don’t have worms already, you can buy one from the general store. Each worm will cost you 10 Gold, so for long-term savings, consider making a worm farm. That way, you won’t have to buy them repeatedly.

Buying worm bait at General Store in Palia.

Throw the bait close to the shore and wait for a Striped Sturgeon to take it. Since it’s an uncommon fish, catching it may take some time. Keep in mind that it’s quicker than common fish, so be ready as it tries to pull away. When the marker turns green, reel the fish in. Avoid reeling in before that, as you might risk losing the fish. It’s recommended to use a higher-level fishing rod to keep up with the Sturgeon’s quick and jerky movements.

Once you have caught a Striped Sturgeon, you can use it to cook meals. You will also need it for the Flamerod Bundle. Coming to its selling price, you can sell it for 60 Gold if it’s of base quality, and 90 Gold if it is of star quality. Furthermore, you can also gift it to villagers to increase your friendship level with them.


August 10, 2023

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