• Rushoar (Pal Number 020) is an early-game mount that excels at mining due to its charging attack that quickly destroys stones and ores.
  • Direhowl (Pal Number 026) is a fast mount that surpasses the majority of other mounts in speed, making it ideal for quick transportation.
  • Mossanda and Mossanda Lux (Pal Number 033 & 033B) have access to a grenade launcher, which is a powerful weapon that can stun lock groups of enemies.

There are quite a few different mount-type Pals that players can find, capture, and use to get around in Palworld. And, the abilities that these Pals can have, AKA their ‘Partner Skills’ can range wildly.


Palworld: 6 Pals You Should Not Sell

There are some Pals found in Palworld who may be worth a lot of gold, but are even more valuable when they’re put to work in the correct way.

Some of them can use weapons of their own while ridden, some help out a lot with farming materials, and some even enhance the player’s attacks while they’re being ridden. Across all of the mountable Pals, however, there are absolutely a few of them that seem more useful overall. Let’s go over those ones in particular and explain why exactly players should keep an eye out for them in Palworld whenever they can.

10 Pal Number 020: Rushoar

Hard Head: Can Be Ridden. Increases Efficiency of Destroying Boulders While Mounted

Palworld - Petting Rushoar In-Game

First up is a fantastic early-game mount, Rushoar. Rushoar is a pig or boar-like Pal that can be captured and ridden very early on considering the Technology Tree unlock for its Saddle is unlocked at level 6 out of 50 levels. And, while it isn’t the fastest early-game mount, it can be incredibly useful for mining early on.

The charging attack that almost every Rushoar comes with will tear through Stone and Ore veins incredibly quickly, much faster than most pickaxes the player has at this point in the game. Of course, later on, this advantage is easily overcome by more advanced pickaxes, but until then Rushoars are very useful.

9 Pal Number 026: Direhowl

Direhowl Rider: Can Be Ridden. Moves Slightly Faster Than Most Mounts

Palworld - Petting Direhowl In-Game

Next up is a mount Pal by the name of Direhowl, and this is absolutely the one a lot of players will find themselves using for quite a while as its Partner Skill, Direhowl Rider, makes it faster by default than the majority of other mounts in Palworld.

Of course, the late-game and/or high-level Pals do end up a bit faster than Direhowl, but it’ll take quite a while to reach that point. Until then, there’s no faster way to get around than by capturing a Direhowl and building its saddle at level 9.

8 Pal Number 033 & 033B: Mossanda & Mossanda Lux

Grenadier Panda: Can Be Ridden. Can Rapidly Fire a Grenade Launcher While Mounted

Palworld - Mossanda In Paldeck Video

This next Pal is a unique inclusion because the ability to actually ride it as a mount is only a bonus compared to the real reason people want this Pal which is for its grenade launcher. Both Mossanda and its elemental variant Mossanda Lux have access to a Grenade Launcher Pal Gear (unlocked in the Tech Tree at levels 24 and 25) and this weapon is honestly a bit overpowered for how early players can get access to it.


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In comparison, the next explosive mount Partner Skill isn’t unlocked until level 44 with Relaxaurus, and even that Pal Gear is arguably worse than Mossanda’s. The ability this Grenade Launcher has to completely stun lock groups of enemies is so incredibly useful, though it can cause some Pals to glitch through walls, go off the map, and more.

7 Pal Number 047: Galeclaw

Galeclaw Rider: While in Team, Can Be Summoned and Used Instead of a Glider. Allows You to Fire a Gun While Gliding With This Pal

Palworld - Galeclaw In Action In Paldeck Video

Technically this next Pal isn’t really a ‘mount’, it’s more of a replacement for a different tool, that being the Glider. While Galeclaw is in your team, he’ll function as your Glider whenever you press the input to pull it out. But, Galeclaw doesn’t function the same way the default Glider does, rather, this avian companion absolutely sails forward at a high speed while carrying you.

Galeclaw is one of the best Pals for general movement in Palworld, and it’s even very helpful for avoiding attacks during combat with Alpha Pals or even Tower Bosses. It’s such a useful Partner Skill, in fact, that even the people who don’t care for this Pal’s design at all find it difficult to justify taking it out of their party as going back to the regular Glider after using Galeclaw can feel especially painful.

6 Pal Number 061: Kitsun

Clear Mind: Can Be Ridden. Unaffected by the Cold or Heat While Riding This Pal

Palworld - Feeding Kitsun

Now moving on to a Pal that a lot of people don’t seem to be finding easily, let alone building the saddle for, Kitsun. Kitsun is a Pal that’s found exclusively at night at the icy peak of the mountain where the Free Pal Alliance Tower can be found, which explains why so many people are missing it. However, this Pal is absolutely worth making a trip to capture, as its Clear Mind Partner Skill can make going through the different areas of Palworld a lot less tedious.

There are different climates in this game, and Kitsun’s Clear Mind Partner Skill basically lets players ignore those effects as long as they’re riding it. Sure, players could just build armor to specifically counteract the climate or even wear different types of undershirts, but that requires switching out armor sets, and every time they do that they’ll notice their Shield automatically depletes and they’ll have to wait for it to recharge again.

5 Pal Number 065 & 065B: Surfent & Surfent Terra

Swift Swimmer: Can Be Ridden to Travel on Water. While Mounted, Prevents Stamina Depletion While Moving Over Water

Palworld - Surfent In Paldeck Video

Palworld players often forget that there are technically three different types of mounts in the game, those being land, air, and of course water. A water mount might seem a bit unnecessary considering players won’t be spending a ton of time out there in the middle of the ocean.


Palworld: Best Handiwork Pals For Crafting

You’re going to need a lot of Pals that excel in Handiwork in Palworld, or it’s going to feel very tedious otherwise. Here are some great options.

But, it can make getting between different islands of the Palpagos a lot easier and it can make reaching the Pal Sanctuaries on the edges of the map a lot easier as well. And, of the few water mounts players can get in Palworld, Surfent is the one they’re very likely going to encounter first. Surfent Terra is the elemental variant of Surfent, obviously, but this Pal is one that players won’t encounter until they reach the desert map, meaning Surfent is probably going to be their ride in the water for the majority of the game.

4 Pal Number 090 & 090B: Mammorest & Mammorest Cryst

Gaia & Ice Crusher: Can Be Ridden. Improves Efficiency of Cutting Trees and Mining Ores While Mounted

Palworld - Mammorest In Paldeck Video

There are a couple of different Pal Mounts that are meant to be ridden while mining Ore or cutting down trees, but Mammorest is probably the best option overall. Granted, just about every Mammorest that players can find in the game is at least level 30, so they probably won’t capture one for themselves for quite a while.

However, once they do get a Mammorest, they’ll quickly discover how helpful this Pal can be in getting resources without burning through tools or resources repairing said tools. Again, this is also another Pal that has an elemental variant (that being Mammorest Cryst), but it’s very rare that players will catch a Cryst variant before the default Mammorest.

3 Pal Number 103: Grizzbolt

Yellow Tank: Can Be Ridden. Can Rapidly Fire a Minigun While Mounted

Palworld - Grizzbolt Using Minigun In Paldeck Video

Among all of the Pals that have Pal Gear that allows them to start holding guns themselves, Grizzbolt is really the only one that players can also ride at the same time. Sure, Pals like Mossanda, Relaxaurus, and Jetragon also have weaponry, but explosive weaponry is sort of in a different category.

Grizzbolt’s weapon is a minigun, after all, and it’s a lot more about single-target damage than any of the explosive weapons. In fact, Grizzbolt’s minigun is pretty much the closest thing players will find to being able to use the same miniguns that Black Marketeers and Syndicate Crushers use. The damage is great, it’s easy to aim, and the only real downside is the fact that players burn through the meter for this minigun pretty fast if they’re not paying attention.

2 Any Pal Mount That Has An Elemental Application Partner Skill

AKA Any Pal With a Skill That Has ‘Applies X Damage to the Player’s Attacks While Mounted’

Palworld - Riding A Maraith

For the next inclusion, this technically includes over 8+ Pals, as there is a whole category of Pal mounts that buff the player’s attacks with different elements while they’re riding them. Pals such as Chillet, Pyrin, Pyrin Noct, Maraith, Beakon, Ragnahawk, Helzephyr, and Frostallion all have this type of Partner Skill.

None of them are really ‘better’ than the others, outside of maybe Frostallion’s, so as long as players bring whichever one gives them the elemental advantage over their opponent, they’ll find that these mounts can be incredibly useful in most combat scenarios.

1 Pal Number 110: Jetragon

Aerial Missile: Can Be Ridden as a Flying Mount. Can Rapidly Fire a Missile Launcher While Mounted

Palworld - Jetragon Paldeck Screenshot

And for the last one, let’s take a look at one of Palworld’s four legendaries, Jetragon. Jetragon is a Pal that, when caught, actually isn’t ridable until players reach max level in Palworld (which is 50). Of course, at this point in the game, players have pretty much experienced most of what Palworld has to offer.

Still, even then, the sheer speed at which Jetragon flies while mounted makes any last tasks or exploration in Palworld an absolute cakewalk. All four of Palworld’s legendaries can be ridden, but it seemed a bit silly to include all of them, and out of the four Jetragon’s Pal Gear is the most universally helpful overall.


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