• A fan suggests improving the Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld by making condensed Pals worth more essence, saving space in the Pal Box.
  • Pal Box and inventory management are cited as areas in Palworld that need improvement, with some players suggesting a unified global inventory.
  • Modders are already introducing quality-of-life features to Palworld through mods, such as a basic minimap and displaying information about Pals before capturing them.

A Palworld fan has come up with a good idea to improve the Pal Essence Condenser: allowing previously condensed Pals to be worth more essence than normal ones. While Palworld is a huge hit, it’s an early access release, and there’s still space for its developers to improve the experience.

Condensing Pals in Palworld is an effective way to get stronger creatures. After reaching Level 14, players unlock the Pal Essence Condenser. This machine allows them to “condense” Pals, sacrificing some to improve the powers of others. While the first condensation is somewhat easy to perform, as it only takes the lives of 4 Pals, the process gets increasingly difficult over time, as the next procedures take 16, 32, and 64 sacrifices, respectively.


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It’s possible that Palworld players will have trouble connecting to the open world survival game’s multiplayer servers for a brief time today.

Now, a gamer called TorSenex has come up with an excellent idea to make Pal condensation easier. According to them, it’s troublesome that already condensed Pals only count as a single Pal essence when used as sacrifices. The Pal Box only has space for 480 Pals, and storing 64 of the same creatures to achieve the final condensation level takes too much space. TorSenex’s idea is that condensed Pals should be worth more Pal essence than normal creatures. This way, players would end up saving a lot of space in their boxes.

Unfortunately, Pal Box and inventory management can be a pain in Palworld and are often cited as aspects that should improve. A few days ago, for example, gamers discussed solutions to these issues, such as having a unified global inventory for all the player bases.

Modders Are Already Giving Quality-of-Life Features to Palworld ​​​​​​​


While many gamers in the Palworld community are discussing possible changes that Pocket Pair can implement, a few gamers are already working on introducing new features with mods. By using Palworld’s Basic Minimap mod, for example, players can insert a small minimap in the corner of the screen, which is handy to avoid getting lost in Palworld’s huge world. This mod is highly customizable and can be put in different corners of the screen, and players may choose whether it will always be facing north or rotate with the camera.

Another popular project includes a mod that makes catching Pals in Palworld easier. By using Palworld‘s Pal Info mod, players can get accurate information about Pals before capturing them, including Attack and Defense values and traits. This way, they can save Pal Spheres and avoid wasting them on creatures that do not have the traits they desire.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.


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