Life in Palworld can be peaceful or full of action-packed battles, and the discretion is up to the players. Life on the base can be easy living if players surround themselves with Pals, creatures discovered across the island. To begin adding them to the Paldeck, players must craft or find Spheres, the game’s capturing tool designed to throw and encapsulate these monsters. Similar to how Pokemon plays out, the idea is to complete the Paldeck and raise these Pals for battle.

Spheres come in a variety of different colors and strengths, from the regular blue sphere players first start with, to the Legendary Sphere, meant for only the strongest of Pals in Palworld. Players can craft these spheres with the proper workbenches installed at the base, find them out in the wild, or have them made by Pals working at the base. Before long, players will be stockpiling these spheres for future use, but how do they differ from one another? Here’s a breakdown of all of Palworld‘s spheres and the cost to craft them.


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Crafting Basic Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 2
  • Factory Tier: 1
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x1, Wood x5, Stone x5

This basic sphere is effective against low-level Pals. Using it to catch ones roaming the first few areas in the early game is ideal, as they shouldn’t give too much trouble after depleting their health. Basic spheres can catch larger Pals like Dinossom, but have a lower accuracy rate. A Primitive Crafting Table is also necessary to craft them at the base.

Crafting Mega Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 14
  • Factory Tier: 1
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x2, Ingot x1, Wood x7, Stone x7

The Mega Sphere has a higher probability rate and can catch a wider range of Pals. Players should have no issue catching the early-game Pals with little action, and the larger Pals have a better chance of remaining in the sphere. They’re a bit more costly compared to the regular sphere, and they require a Sphere Factory I to be built.


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Crafting Giga Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 20
  • Factory Tier: 1
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x3, Ingot x3, Wood x10, Stone x10

Compared to the Mega Sphere, the Giga Sphere isn’t too steep of a cost in materials and can also be crafted using the Sphere Factory I, which is a huge plus. This is where the game becomes more intense, as Giga Spheres can be used to capture much stronger Pals across the land. It does take reaching Player Level 20, which can be done after a few days of gameplay, and is worth the cost when taking the next step in the adventure.

Crafting Hyper Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 27
  • Factory Tier: 2
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x5, Ingot x5, Wood x12, Cement x2

By the time players reach Player Level 27, their team of Pals should look formidable, and the base will need to have an area reserved for building materials on a consistent basis. Hyper Spheres will feel like the next big leap, as they require Sphere Factory II and cost more crafting materials. Players will also need to begin crafting cement, which is much tougher to gather compared to stone. Using this sphere will make catching Pals like Vanwyrm feel easier than using the previously mentioned spheres.

Crafting Ultra Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 35
  • Factory Tier: 3
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x7, Refined Ingot x8, Carbon Fiber x3, Cement x3

After reaching Player Level 35, players can unlock the Ultra Sphere recipe and craft one of the strongest spheres in the game. This one will take much greater crafting materials to create, thus resulting in a sphere Pals will struggle to escape from. They also require Sphere Factory III, a step up from the previous sphere, and will be more time-consuming. An essential part of making higher-caliber materials is to make use of the many material farms in Palworld. These serve as a fast-track method for gathering items fast.

Crafting Legendary Pal Spheres in Palworld


  • Level Unlocked: 44
  • Factory Tier: 3
  • Crafting Cost: Paldium Fragment x10, Pal Metal Ingot x10, Carbon Fiber x5, Cement x5

The Legendary Sphere is the best in the game and becomes of good use in the end game when players are looking to finish off their Paldeck or catch multiples for breeding purposes. These spheres have a near-perfect catching probability, with most Pals failing to escape its clutches. By this point, players should have their Palworld base operating to perfection, with factories brewing countless crafting materials.


January 19, 2024

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