Fenglope is one of the many four-legged Pals in Palworld, and you can encounter an Alpha variant of one relatively early on in the game. However, actually getting the monster isn’t as simple as following its portrait on the map.


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If you’re the type who’s itching to get every Palworld monster entry unlocked in their Paldeck, then you’ll need to either find or capture this elusive Alpha Fenglope or try your luck in other areas. Here’s a guide showing how to get to the Fenglope boss as well as the locations of its more common brethren.

Palworld: Fenglope Locations

Alpha Fenglope location in Palworld

The Alpha Fenglope can be found in the southwestern part of the Bamboo Groves region, which is to the west of the Ravine Entrance fast travel waypoint. You’ll see it on your map after you pass the location of the Broncherry Aqua boss. You’ll know you’re in the right area once you reach the Ascetic Falls waypoint.

Unlike the majority of other Alpha bosses in Palworld, the Alpha Fenglope is actually hiding underground. From the Ascetic Falls fast travel point, go through the waterfall to find a hidden tunnel entrance. Continue following this tunnel to find the Fenglope hiding inside the Falls Mineshaft. Use a flying mount to find and reach this spot more quickly.

Fenglope habitats in Palworld

Alternatively, you can try looking for regular Fenglopes on the southern beach of Mount Obsidian at the southwestern corner of the world map. There’s also a wildlife sanctuary at the northeastern map corner, though going here isn’t recommended.

If you’re fighting the Alpha Fenglope, hit it with your best weapons and Pals, and chuck any mid-tier Pal Sphere at it for a quick and easy capture. The fight itself shouldn’t be hard as long as you pay attention to whom the Fenglope is targeting. Since Fenglope is a Neutral-type Pal, your best bet at fighting it is to use the Dark element against it. If you’re near or at the same level as the boss, then you can finish this fight incredibly quickly by using Hoocrates and four Daedreams with the Daedream’s Necklace unlocked at the Pal Gear Workbench.

Apart from being decent Neutral-type fighters, Fenglopes also work as decent early-game mounts. They are slightly faster than Eikthyrdeer when sprinting, and they can double jump as well. Plus, their horns don’t obstruct your view as much while you’re riding them. However, if you’re feeling a need for speed, then it may be better to get a flying mount like a Vanwyrm or Helzephyr instead.


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