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Palworld has a lot of interesting mechanics and items related to Pals, some of which, if used correctly, will make you much stronger. One of these items is Daedream’s Necklace, which allows a Pal to appear near you and participate in the battle even if you already have an active Pal. This item will be useful until the very late game, so you should craft it to make your boss fights much easier, so next, you will learn how to craft Daedream’s Necklace and how to use it in Palworld.


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How to Craft Daedream’s Necklace in Palworld

Palworld: Daedream's Necklace

Even though Daedream’s Necklace is a fairly powerful item, you can craft it in the early game. First, you have to reach Technology Tree level 8 to unlock Daedream’s Necklace and spend 1 Technology Point. To craft this item, you have to build a Pal Gear Workbench. To do this, you only need level 6 and the following materials:

Wood can be found or cut down anywhere, and Cloth can be crafted from Wool or obtained from Azurobe or Felbat. Paldium Fragments you can get from small Paldium nodes and large Paldium nodes, they look like rocks with blue fragments. Also, you can get Paldium with a certain chance from ordinary stones.

Next, you have to collect materials for Daedream’s Necklace. Here’s a list of them:

  • 10 Paldium Fragments
  • 10 Fiber
  • 5 Leather

You can collect Fiber from trees around the world or get it from Hangyu, Hangyu Cryst, and Hoocrates. As for the Leather, you can buy from the Wandering Merchant for 150 Coins. This material also drops out of about a third of existing Pals.

Once everything is ready, interact with the Pal Gear Workbench and select Daedream’s Necklace recipe to create it.


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How to Use Daedream’s Necklace in Palworld

Palworld: Daedream's Necklace

Daedream’s Necklace activates Daedream’s Dream Chaser Partner Skill, which allows him to be your extra firepower even if he is not the active Pal. This means that if Daedream is in your party, he appears next to the character and attacks the enemies you attack even if you already have the active Pal. Another feature of Daedream’s Necklace is that Dream Chaser is activated for all Daedreams in the party, meaning that several of them will appear at once. Also, a Daedream with an activated Partner Skill is not affected by attacks.

Of course, you need to catch a Daedream first to use Daedream’s Necklace, but fortunately, it is a fairly common Pal. Daedream is a nighttime Pal, but you can also occasionally find him during the day. You can easily catch him in the starting location.


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