For those who roam the regions of Palworld, stockpiling materials such as wood, stone, and ore is essential for structures and tools back at the base. If players want stronger resources to fend off raids and brave the harsh weather, it’s time to step up their game. Refined Ingot is a higher grade of Ingot that players can craft, but it takes some exploration in order to find the proper resources. The creation of Refined Ingot will lead players to crafting stronger weapons, armor, and a sturdier home to live in.

It will take some time to be able to reach Refined Ingot in Palworld, as the necessary tools only unlock at Player Level 34. Once this level is reached, it’s time to start building a stock of Refined Ingot. Here is how to craft this strong material and what players will need to do so.


Palworld Player Builds Impressive Pyramid Base

A skilled Palworld player creates an impressive pyramid-inspired base with multiple tiers to house their working Pals and base equipment.

Unlocking Improved Furnace


Before considering Refined Ingot, players will need an Improved Furnace to start crafting the material. This tool only unlocks at Player Level 34, so it’s time to head out into Palworld and start catching Pals to build up experience and earn some levels. It will take 100 Stones, 30 Cement, and 15 Flame Organs to build it. Head past the expedition survivor to find some Foxparks for those Flame Organs, and mine some stones as well. Cement will be a bit trickier, as it requires Stones, Bones, and Pal Fluids, but all of those items are quite common to find.

Materials Needed For Refined Ingot


Once players have their Improved Furnace built and ready to go, crafting Refined Ingot is relatively easy and doesn’t require many materials. It’s best to have a Pal with Level 2 Kindling skill to reduce the time spent at the furnace. Players can grab a Jormuntide Ignis, which can be found at the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary and has a Level 4 Kindling skill, to make this task easy. With a Pal ready to ignite the furnace, here are the necessary materials to make them:

Making Refined Ingot quickly can be done with a Pal like Arsox, who comes with the Level 2 Kindling skill, and will make easy work of this task. Simply stand by the trusted pal and watch it ignite the furnace. Refined Ingot comes with a Workload rating of 70, which means some time is required if players wish to craft more than one dozen at a time. This material will go a long way later on, so be sure to make as much as needed when they become available.


Palworld Warsect Sends Jormuntide Flying in Wild Clip

A Palworld player battles Jormuntide with their Warsect and sends it flying through the sky with one attack in an incredibly wild clip.

Where To Find Coal


The most difficult obstacle players will face when creating Refined Ingot is locating Coal. Unlike Ore, Coal nodes aren’t as common and are easy to miss. They look similar to Stone nodes, especially when traversing regions at nighttime. The distinction that makes it easier to spot is the height of these Coal nodes, as they are taller than Stone nodes. Bring along a Refined Pickaxe to these Coal locations for optimal collection:

  • Coordinates 190, -40 (5 Coal nodes and 8 Ore nodes)
  • Fisherman’s Point
  • Hypocrite Hill
  • Investigator’s Fork
  • The Beach of Everlasting Summer

Once players have their fair share of Coal, head back to the base and start crafting some tools, armor, and weapons. Ingot and Refined Ingot cannot be purchased anywhere, unlike materials such as Ore, so grinding out levels to reach Level 34 is the only way to be able to start crafting Refined Ingot. Coal is also an essential resource to farm, as it can be used to craft items such as Refined Tools and certain guns, so players should gather as much as possible.


January 19, 2024

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