• One dedicated Palworld player built a massive prison that they filled with over 150 Black Marketeers.
  • Their unusual achievement made use of Palworld’s monster-catching mechanics, which also support capturing human NPCs.
  • Black Marketeers have so far been particularly popular targets among the fandom because catching them allows players to easily obtain some of the rarest Pals in the game.

One highly dedicated Palworld player has invested a lot of time into building a giant maximum security prison, which they ended up filling with more than 150 NPCs. Their unique achievement adds to the list of shenanigans that Palworld players have undertaken since the game’s release.

Despite the accusations of ripping off Game Freak’s pocket monsters, Palworld is much more of a survival crafting game than a Pokemon clone. What elements it does borrow from Pokemon it tends to turn on its head and parody. For example, its Poke Ball equivalents—or Pal Spheres, in the game’s jargon—can even be used for catching human NPCs in Palworld, which would be an unimaginable feature for Game Freak’s kid-friendly RPGs.


Dedicated Player Builds Huge City in Palworld

A dedicated Palworld player builds a ridiculously massive city that elicits reactions ranging from praise to utter disbelief.

And while many players have been experimenting with the ability to catch human NPCs since Palworld was released to widespread acclaim in mid-January, one fan has now taken that mechanic to a whole different level by putting together an enormous maximum security prison, then filling it up with a bunch of Black Marketeers. Created by Reddit user Prusyakish, this enormous building proved capable of housing over 150 prisoners with room to spare.

Prusyakish’s Palworld Prison for Black Marketeers

The player’s video tour of the prison amassed over 5,500 upvotes within hours of going live, thus promptly emerging on the front page of the game’s largest unofficial subreddit. And while many fans praised Prusyakish’s crusade against Black Marketeers, describing it as everything from impressive to humorous, r/Palworld moderators ended up removing the video by the time it generated a few hundred comments, without elaborating on their decision.

Prusyakish did not reveal how long it took them to populate their maximum security penitentiary. But given how even finding a single Black Marketeer in Palworld can be an arduous affair, the undertaking possibly took a double-digit number of hours. For clarity, these special merchants typically only spawn in desolate locations such as caves, cliffs, and remote valleys. Some such places will always contain a Black Marketeer, which is the case for, e.g., abandoned mineshafts. But since they still spawn on a timer, even frequenting those locations doesn’t make farming them much less time-consuming.

Catching Black Marketeers in Palworld Is a Highly Beneficial Activity

Even without a prison to house them, catching Black Marketeers can be a highly beneficial activity for players who take the time to do so. That’s because spawning caught merchants at one’s base will always make them instantly refresh their inventories, which is a reliable trick for obtaining some of the rarest Pals in Palworld without actually having to capture them.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Unreal Engine 5

T For Teen Due To Violence

How Long To Beat

X|S Enhanced

File Size Xbox Series
6 GB (February 2024)

Number of Players
1-4 (Co-Op); 32 Players Server Limit


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