• Spend free time wisely in Persona 5 Royal to maximize progression and exploration of Tokyo.
  • Take advantage of special activities like the Big Bang Burger challenge and bathhouse bonuses.
  • Optimize time management by prioritizing tasks, like finishing palaces in one day.

When one talks about some of the greatest JRPGs ever released, it goes without saying that Persona 5 Royal would be an inevitable part of this conversation. Persona 5 was an excellent game in itself, and Persona 5 Royal decided to augment things even further with a whole slew of additions, revamps, fixes, and everything else along the same lines. The end result is easily the greatest modern-day JRPG to have been released, and one of the best PS4 exclusives by a country mile.

Persona 5 Royal integrates life sim mechanics with the core of a JRPG, integrating both these aspects in a seamless manner. The free time that players get during their virtual life in Tokyo is a great outlet to do any number of things… but players shouldn’t take this time for granted. After all, a big part of what makes Persona 5 Royal so fleshed out is that it has too many things to do… and most players might not have the time to explore every aspect of the game.

Updated on March 4, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: Persona 3 Reload continues the formula established by Persona 5 and ends up being pretty successful in this regard. Even now, after all the discussion surrounding the Persona series, many people consider Persona 5 to be the most important game in the series. It was a huge sales hit that compelled Atlus to give this winning formula another go. Players who want to make the most of the free time a character enjoys in this game should keep some points in mind to make progression in Persona 5 Royal as optimal as possible.


The Best Games To Play If You Love Persona 5 Royal

Those who love Persona 5 Royal will likely enjoy games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Yakuza, and other fantastic titles that fit into the same vein.

22 Attempt The Big Bang Burger Challenge Whenever Joker Meets The Requirements

A Great Way To Boost Joker’s Stats When The Time Is Right

persona big bang burgers

Big Bang Burger is a popular fast food joint present in the Persona games that most people are pretty familiar with. This restaurant is present in Persona 5 too, with players having a chance to try the Big Bang Burger challenge whenever they visit this joint.

After gaining a few stats, players should definitely try this challenge. Succeeding nets a major bonus to all of Joker’s stats, which helps players max out his stats and unlock new content in no time.

21 Prioritize Party Members And Their Confidants

Unlocking Better Personas Makes Combat Easier To Deal With

How Persona 5's Confidants can be applied to Persona 6

There are a wealth of Confidants to interact with in Persona 5, and each one of them has their own benefits. However, if players have to choose, then focusing on a party member is of the utmost priority.

This unlocks better Personas, makes their abilities stronger, and takes care of their strengths & weaknesses too. It’s a must for players who don’t want to discriminate and use every party member they have against the numerous Shadows and villains that stand in their way.

20 Never Go Back Into Leblanc After Leaving It For The Night

Wastes An Entire Night

Leblanc in Persona 5

This is a pretty obvious point, but players should still be made aware of it if they’re not already. No matter what, never go back to Leblanc after leaving it at night, otherwise the day will end.


The 8 Most Powerful Bosses In Persona 5 Royal (& The 7 Weakest)

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It’s just a waste of the player’s time, as they are better off exploring Tokyo instead. There are many things that players can accomplish, and staying cooped up at home will be detrimental to enjoying the overall experience.

19 Go To Vegetariano Every Sunday

Sells Unique Beverages That Permanently Boost Joker’s Skills Without Wasting Any Time

The drink stand in Persona 5

There’s a shop that sells unique beverages in Persona 5 which bequeath permanent boosts to Joker’s social skills. It’s present in Shibuya’s Underground Walkway and is only active on Sundays.

The player should make it a habit to go to this drinks stand at the end of every week to make the most of these bonuses. The best part is that time doesn’t progress when buying and ingesting these drinks, which serves as a reward for diligent players who remember to come here every week!

18 Use The Bathhouse On Mondays And Thursdays

Increases Both Charm And Guts In One Go

Bathhouse in Persona 5

The bathhouse is a pretty decent place to build up the protagonist’s Charm. However, going here every day is nothing short of a futile endeavor that players are better off skipping.

This is because the true potential of the bathhouse comes out on Monday and Thursday. With more people in the mixed bath during these days, Joker will be able to increase both his Charm and Guts for undertaking such a herculean endeavor.

17 Study When It’s Raining

Gives A Boost To Knowledge

Study in Persona 5

The sound of rain does a great job of helping people focus while studying. Joker is no exception to this rule, and players should definitely make the most of the weather when the exams are coming up.


10 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Caught In Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers has some amazing easter eggs that only true fans of the series noticed during their playthrough.

Studying when it’s raining gives a boost to the Knowledge stat, which is pretty helpful indeed. If players don’t want to do a lot at night when it’s raining, then studying is the way to go.

16 Don’t Waste Time Doing Laundry

Kawakami Can Handle It For Joker After Paying A Fee

persona 5 sadayo kawakami confidant maid tasks laundry

During their excursions in the Palaces, players will find several dirty pieces of equipment that need to be washed for their true potential to come out. However, this takes up one slot in a player’s day, which might not be ideal.

Thankfully, doing laundry becomes an option that takes no time at all when the Temperance Confidant is ranked up to a particular level. Players can hire Kawakami to do their laundry for them while they explore Tokyo to their heart’s content!

15 Don’t Attempt Akechi’s Challenge Unless Completely Ready

Losing To Him Wastes An Entire Night For No Good Reason

Akechi's duel with Joker in Persona 5 Royal

Akechi’s Confidant is completely revamped in Persona 5 Royal, allowing players to manually level up their bond with this character and engage with him in a manner that was completely missing in the base game.

However, in order to level up Akechi’s Confidant to Rank 8, the player needs to fight him in a one-on-one duel in Mementos. The problem here is that, if the player loses, then the night will be wasted and they have to attempt the duel once again. Therefore, make sure to stock up on restoratives and the like to ensure that this battle goes by without any major problems.

14 Read Up On The Appropriate Confidant Responses To Develop Bonds Faster

Some Responses Are Annoying Obtuse, Which Can Make Progress Slow If The Wrong Answers Are Chosen

Persona 5 Royal Confidants

While this might be considered cheating by many, the best responses that Joker can give while hanging out with his Confidants can be quite odd and random at times.


Persona 5: 15 Best Confidants In The Game

Persona 5 has 21 confidants in the game, but which among the cast are the best? From Kawakami to Hifumi, let’s list them off.

Sometimes, the player is better off reading the best responses that they can give to their Confidants online so that the relationship can progress without any major problems arising in the process.

There’s Nothing Better To Do

Infiltration tools in Persona 5

On the night when the player decides to send a calling card to their target, Joker will be unable to head out into the city and will be forced to hang around in his room without being able to do anything, except for one particular action.

The player can still make infiltration tools before having to go to sleep, which can prove to be quite a boon indeed. This way, players can store up on tools and gain a quick Proficiency boost without wasting a night.

12 Keep A Stock Of Bio-Nutrients For A Quick Kindness Boost

A Swift, Easy Way To Raise Joker’s Kindness

Leblanc in Persona 5

One thing that most Persona 5 Royal players might not be aware of is the fact that the plant in their room can actually be tended to without any time passing.

By keeping a stock of Bio Nutrients, Joker can tend to the plant at regular intervals to get a small boost to Kindness, and still have time left to engage in some other activity as well.

11 Check A Guide For The Right Classroom Answers

The Guessing Game Becomes Irritating And Unoptimal After A Point

Persona 5 Loyal Classroom

While checking a guide might be heresy in any game, one can still make an exception for Persona 5 Royal, since some of the answers that Joker needs to give can be incredibly obtuse.


6 Things Persona 3 Reload’s Tartarus Does Better Than Persona 5’s Mementos

The layout of Mementos and Tartarus in Persona 5 and Persona 3 Reload respectively are similar, but what aspects of Tartarus are better than Mementos?

Giving the wrong answer will lead to the player missing out on a crucial Knowledge stat boost, so it’s recommended that they avoid the same and cheat just this once to optimize their game somewhat.

10 Always Do The Crossword When It’s Available

A Simplee, easy Way To Increase Joker’s Knowledge

Persona 5 Royal Crossword

The Crossword puzzle is a new inclusion in Persona 5 Royal and a fairly simple one at that. One simply needs to check the leftmost table in Cafe Leblanc periodically for an orange pamphlet, which only appears on certain days.

The difficulty of these Crosswords varies by quite a bit, and figuring out the answer leads to the Knowledge stat being boosted by one point and some interesting trivia coming up on the word in question as well.

And — as is the case with the Plant Nutrients — doing so won’t pass the day either.

9 Focus On Certain Special Confidants

The Bonuses Unlocked Can Be Extremely Useful For Raising Joker’s Stats And Making Dungeons Easier To Navigate

Persona 5 Royal Fortune

There are many Confidants in Persona 5 Royal that the player can interact with to progress their relationship and also gain a boost to Persona Fusion. However, there are some Confidants that can also provide the player with some useful abilities to save up on time.

The Death Confidant allows for SP recovery items to be bought, making one’s traversal through a Palace and Mementos infinitely easier. The Fortune Confidant lets players rank up in other Confidants without losing time. Finally, the Temperance Confidant will do various chores for the player, negating the need to waste time doing the same.

There are a number of other Confidants with some useful benefits too, although these ones are perhaps the most useful ones that help the player save up on time.

8 Make Sure That One Of The Persona’s Arcana Matches The Confidant

Maximizes Relationship Progress With Said Confidant

Nuclear Persona 5

One golden rule when it comes to hanging out with any Confidant is that Joker should have a Persona in his arsenal whose Arcana matches the Confidant players wish to hang out with.


Persona 5: The Fates Of Every Playable Character

For anyone who was wondering what each of the Phantom Thieves got up to after their departure, here’s everything that we know so far.

This makes said Confidant rank up even faster, preventing the player from wasting days just hanging around with a Confidant without furthering their progress — a boon in a game like Persona 5 Royal, where time is of the essence.

7 Buy A Relevant Gift For The Confidant In Question

Makes The Most Of The Time Players Spend With A Person

Persona 5 Ryuji

Of course, if the player has no other option than to aimlessly hang out with the Confidant, then a surefire way to boost relations would be to give an appropriate gift.

Always keep a gift handy at all times, and check the guide in order to figure out the best gifts for each character.

6 Always Carry A Book Around

Can Read A Book On The Subway If Joker Manages To Snag A Seat


Along with gifts, another thing that players should carry around is books. While reading them in the morning or night is definitely a colossal waste of time, it’s their usefulness during metro travel that should be kept in mind.

If Joker gets a seat on the subway, then he can read a book without wasting any time, which is a great way to increase stats in a hassle-free manner.

5 Play Darts As Often As Possible

Enhances Baton Pass Effectiveness, Confidant Relationship Progress, And Proficiency In One Fell Swoop

Persona 5 Royal Darts

Persona 5 introduced a new area in the game called Kichijoji, where the player can head to the Penguin Sniper to play darts.


Persona 5 Royal: Every Playable Character, Ranked

Players get to control any of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5, but who’s the best of the bunch?

Doing this is highly recommended since it improves the Baton Pass rank of each party member, improves the Confidant ranking of said members, and increases Joker’s Proficiency as well. It basically kills three birds with one stone, which is quite useful when it comes to effective time management.

4 Gather Up A Bunch Of Requests Before Heading To Mementos

Can Complete Numerous Requests In One Fell Swoop, Making The Most Of One Excursion

Persona 5 Mementos Palace

Going to Mementos every single time the player receives a quest can be tempting, but it’s not recommended in the slightest.

Instead, it’s a better use of time to go to Mementos after racking up a bunch of requests. This ensures that the player can take care of multiple requests in one fell swoop, which allows the player to save some days and work on something else — like a stat boost or a Confidant ranking — instead.

3 Make It A Point To Finish Palaces In One Day

Too Many Trips Can Make It Harder To Max Out Every Confidant

Persona 5 Shido Palace

Mementos isn’t the only dungeon where players can — and should — spend time. Another rule of thumb to help save time is to complete a Palace as much as the story allows in one day.

While this might sound exhausting, Persona 5 Royal makes this endeavor easier with the introduction of Will Seeds, which restore a bit of SP to the entire party once they’re collected. This ensures that party members aren’t too exhausted throughout the trek, making the act of completing the Palace way more manageable.


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