• The Day Before has faced controversy and accusations throughout its development, including copyright disputes and copying other games.
  • Fntastic has asked critics not to accuse it of scamming potential players and states that its work should not be underestimated.
  • Despite the skepticism, there is still anticipation and curiosity surrounding The Day Before’s release, and players will finally have a chance to decide if it was worth the wait on December 7.

After a long road of delays and controversy, The Day Before is set to release on December 7, and the team behind the anticipated zombie MMO has asked critics not to accuse the studio of scamming. The Day Before has a long and rocky history leading up to this point, but Fntastic has high hopes for its future.

Copyright disputes, accusations of copying other games, and critiques of using volunteers instead of paid workers have all blanketed The Day Before in a thick fog of controversy that developer Fntastic has struggled to shake off. Now that The Day Before is back on top of the Steam wish list, it seems that anticipation is once again high for its release, with both skeptics and hopeful fans curious about what the game holds. For those who have been following news about The Day Before since day one, it almost seems surreal that it’s finally set to be released in early access this week, but Fntastic wants critics to be aware that their words have been heard.


Every Game The Day Before Appears to Rip Off

The Day Before has faced multiple accusations of copying other games, and the newest trailer for the zombie MMO continues this tradition.

Fntastic has released an official statement via Twitter in order to address every person who is waiting for the game’s launch, even if they are critical of the studio’s journey. The official tweet from the studio calls out those who have been critical of The Day Before‘s development woes, ultimately asking these individuals to stop accusing it of scamming potential players.

Thanks to all the hiccups Fntastic has experienced in the last few years, The Day Before has been accused of being a scam. From the multiple delays to the accusations of The Day Before copying other titles, many gamers have been highly skeptical of the project. Claims of asset flipping have also made some worried about the overall quality of the game, but Fntastic states in the official message that the studio’s work should not be underestimated.

There are only a few days left until The Day Before finally sees the light of day, and it will be interesting to see how the game’s launch unfolds. Fntastic has had to jump over a lot of hurdles to get to this point. Despite the skepticism of critics, there are still many who are eager and curious about what the game will be like. There is a lot of expectation for The Day Before to live up to, and December 7 will finally give players a chance to decide if the game has been worth the wait.

the day before poster

The Day Before

December 7, 2023



Open-World, Zombie


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