• Creative Pokemon fans continue to design unique Paradox Pokemon concepts, like past and future forms for Clawitzer.
  • Talented artists in the Pokemon community showcase their skills through custom regional variants and Mega Pokemon designs.
  • Shiny versions of fanmade Pokemon concepts, like those for Clawitzer, bring new life to lesser-known species.

A talented fan artist from the Pokemon community has shared a couple of their own Paradox Pokemon concepts for Clawitzer, showing off what this crustacean species from the Gen 6 games could look like from both past and future timelines alike. Although many like-minded Pokemon fans have been drawing up their own custom Paradox Pokemon designs since the concept of these unique creatures was introduced with the Gen 9 games, the sheer number of distinct species now inhabiting the world of Pokemon ensures that creative fans have more than enough material to work with.

While non-official, fanmade Pokemon designs are certainly nothing new, they continue to attract a massive amount of attention from the wider Pokemon community, and for good reason. The community is home to countless extremely talented artists, many of which often share their own regional or Paradox variants of certain Pokemon, as well as redesigns of existing species which mix up their types, moves, shiny colors, and more. Creative minds within the community have also turned to designing new Mega Pokemon since the surprise reveal of Pokemon Legends: Z-A back in February.


Artist Reimagines Paradox Pokemon Sandy Shocks in Paper Mario Style

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan gives the Paradox Pokemon called Sandy Shocks a new look in the style of the Paper Mario series.

This time, though, an artist known online as Poetically_Imperfect has shared a couple of new designs featuring Clawitzer. These artworks show off two new Paradox forms for the Water-type Pokemon, including a past-based variant similar to the designs in Pokemon Scarlet, as well as a future-inspired Paradox form like those seen in the Pokemon Violet version. The aptly-named “Gnashing Maw” represents the past version, and uses the Water and Dragon-types while its claw takes on the appearance of a massive dragon-like head. The other design, named “Iron Blaster,” instead uses the Water and Fire-types, with its claw taking the form of a cannon that likely spouts superheated water judging by its name and type.

Shiny enthusiasts will also no doubt be pleased to find that the designer also included a glimpse at what the shiny versions of these concepts would look like as well. This Pokemon may often be viewed as a somewhat obscure one due to it being an uncommon species to encounter in the Pokemon games that it’s present in, though it’s no secret that many in the Pokemon community have more recently turned their attention back to the Gen 6 games and the Pokemon they introduced.

Why Many Gen 6 Pokemon Are Getting The Spotlight in 2024

Quite a few Gen 6 Pokemon have recently been the subjects of fanmade redesigns, regional forms, and the like since the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Z-A, which will take players back to a previous era in the Kalos region. Besides the limited details shared in the game’s reveal trailer, though, not a lot is known about the upcoming Pokemon Legends title. It’s up to speculation what kinds of Pokemon might appear in it, though fans are hopeful that plenty of new Pokemon species will get their own mega forms when the game releases sometime next year.



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