• Creativity abounds in the Pokemon community, with plenty of fan art like one fan’s pterodactyl-inspired Paradox form for Fearow, dubbed Fury Flier.
  • Paradox forms continue to be popular in fan art, with artists reimagining Pokemon like Fearow in new and exciting ways.

A creative Pokemon fan has recently shared a fan artwork imagining a past Paradox form for Fearow. Since the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Paradox forms have been one of the most popular types of Pokemon fan art, as they allow fans to reimagine creatures as mightier past or future selves.

Fearow is a Normal/Flying-type beast originally introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games. To capture a Fearow in Pokemon Red and Blue, gamers could either look for them in Route 17, 18, and 23 or use a Spearow and evolve it on Level 20. Like Pidgey and its evolutions, Spearow represents one of few Normal/Flying-type Pokemon in these old-school games.


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Now, a Pokemon fan called Certain-Unit8147 devised a past Paradox form for Fearow called Fury Flier. This creature is inspired by a pterodactyl and essentially looks like a huge Fearow with several spikes on its body, a long beak, and bat-inspired wings. It still greatly resembles the original Fearow, though, especially due to its colors, claws, and long neck. In the comments of the post, some fans commented that the Pokemon resembled an Aerodactyl, which makes sense considering both beasts were inspired by the same pre-historic animal.

Fearow Past Paradox Form Pokemon Fan Art

Curiously, this design resembles another fan art that was shared with the Pokemon community some weeks ago. At the time, another Pokemon fan devised prehistoric versions of Spearow and Fearow. This fan art followed a similar concept, turning the bird Pokemon into a pterodactyl. However, it differs from Certain-Unit8147’s piece in several ways, such as by having an even more crooked beak, extra claws, and a longer tail.

In general, Paradox forms are very popular in Pokemon fan art. For example, one fan created a past Paradox form for Milotic some time ago. In this case, however, the fan did not depict the new form as a dinosaur. Instead, the artist gave Milotic several spikes all over its body.

There are all kinds of artists in the Pokemon community, and some of them are very prolific. For instance, another Pokemon fan recently created 18 Paradox forms for different creatures, sharing them with the community at the same time. These creatures included past Paradox forms for Gliscor, Heliolisk, Wishiwashi, Eiscue, Dewgong, Smeargle, Bouffalant, and Lairon, and future Paradox forms for Torterra, Noivern, Ledian, Tentacruel, and Golurk, among others. These works represent just how committed the community is to creating excellent fan art pieces.



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