• Pokemon fans love to share unique fan art creations, including one that created a giant crocheted version of Mewtwo.
  • The nearly 4 foot tall plush took nearly 50 hours to make and currently resides in the user’s home office.
  • Mewtwo, a Generation 1 favorite, inspires fan creativity in various forms, from cakes to stylized paintings and plush dolls.

A crafty Pokemon fan shared a crocheted giant Mewtwo plush online. Known as one of the most powerful pocket monsters, Mewtwo is well-loved by fans for its strong telekinetic powers, while also being a popular choice for team comps in various Pokemon games.

The Pokemon community is fond of sharing various fan art inspired by their favorite characters. Many come up with unique executions for their works, such as 3D Pokemon cakes, stylized paintings, and original designs for existing characters, which they often share on social media. Mewtwo, who’s been around since Gen 1, has also been the subject of many fanmade creations.


Pokemon Fan Designs Metagross-Themed Monster Hunter Armor

An artistically talented Pokemon fan comes up with their own Monster Hunter armor concept based on the popular Pokemon Metagross.

One Pokemon fan known as bootsandkitties recently shared a photo of a giant crocheted Mewtwo plush they created, which is about 3.5 feet tall. In one comment, they said that it took approximately 50 hours to complete the plush, and it is currently displayed in their home office.

In the comments, many fans praised bootsandkitties’ work, with one saying that they thought the crocheted Mewtwo was captured with Pokemon GO‘s Snapshot feature. This isn’t the first time a fan created a crocheted Pokemon doll, as some pulled off making characters like Slowbro, Starmie, and so much more. One Pokemon fan also made dolls, complete with soft fur to make them look more realistic and feel more huggable.

Will Mewtwo Show Up in Future Pokemon Games?

Mewtwo has been featured in a number of game events, such as Pokemon GO‘s Shadow Mewtwo raid back in March, and Scarlet and Violet‘s Tera Raid Battle in September. Although Pokemon titles will sometimes include Mewtwo in special events from time to time, the question now is where it will show up next, especially with Pokemon Legends: Z-A on the horizon. It’s not confirmed yet if Mewtwo or Mega Mewtwo will be included in the upcoming game, but some fan artists are already drawing some Pokemon Legends-inspired Mewtwo designs.

Nonetheless, Pokemon doesn’t appear to be running out of content that avid fans can enjoy, as it constantly adds new content and creatures to the various titles that are currently available. For example, Scarlet and Violet released two DLCs, Indigo Disk and Teal Mask, which introduced players to new Pokemon and Paradox versions. Recently, Pokemon Sleep also added Raikou, which was the first Legendary Pokemon in the game. Fans of the franchise can definitely expect more fun and exciting stuff in the coming months as they wait for Pokemon Legends: Z-A to officially come out.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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