• A talented fan artist redesigns the Cacnea family as Kalos regional variants and introduces a new evolutionary stage for Cacturreaux based on a French executioner.
  • The Pokemon community is excited for Pokemon Legends: Z-A’s return to the Kalos region.
  • Fans anticipate new regional variants in Legends: Z-A.

Inspired by the reveal of the next core-series Pokemon game, which will take players back to the Kalos region, one fan artist has redesigned the Cacnea family as regional variants that are exclusive to the France-themed region, while also creating a new third evolutionary stage for the species. Many creative members of the Pokemon community have been busy creating their own custom Mega Pokemon and Kalos regional variants since the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Z-A last month, with the confirmed return of mega evolution sparking a wave of creative inspiration among fans.

While little is known about Pokemon Legends: Z-A just yet, what is confirmed is that it will be taking players back to the Kalos region introduced with the Gen 6 games. Though the Gen 6 games themselves presented something of a controversial step forward for the franchise due to the transition to 3D Pokemon models and a departure from the previous games’ iconic art style, the overwhelmingly positive reception of Pokemon Legends: Z-A‘s reveal suggests that Pokemon X and Y made for fond memories among many fans. Alongside the introduction of Mega Evolution, which itself kick-started the trend of battle “gimmicks” in Pokemon games, the Gen 6 games marked a big step forward for the franchise and introduced many new Pokemon as well.


Pokemon Fan Shares Clever Kalos Form for Mewtwo

A Pokemon player shares their idea of a new form for Mewtwo that asks what would happen if Mew had been cloned more than once.

Motivated by the reveal of a new game set in the Pokemon world’s Kalos region, a talented Pokemon fan known online as Kelpo911 has shared a number of new designs featuring regional forms for Cacnea and Cacturne. The artist has also designed a new regional evolution for Cacturne named Cacturreaux, whose design was inspired by the French executioner from real-world history, Charles-Henri Sanson. The designer also gave this Pokemon the Sand Rush ability in an attempt to improve on Cacnea’s speed stat, one of its biggest weaknesses. These designs don’t appear to sport alternate types like most official regional variants do, with the custom Cacturreaux evolution also sporting the same Grass and Dark-type pairing as its predecessors.

The Case For Pokemon Legends: Z-A to Bring In New Regional Forms

With regional variants proving to be quite popular among Pokemon fans since the concept was introduced in the Gen 7 games, it seems extremely likely that some official new regional variants might arrive in Pokemon Legends: Z-A. The previous Pokemon Legends: Arceus title made excellent use of such regional variants, so if Legends: Arceus provides any glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming game, it seems all the more likely that Pokemon Legends: Z-A will feature many new regional forms for existing creatures.

Despite there being little information regarding Pokemon Legends: Z-A currently available, the confirmed return of Mega Evolution has been hugely exciting for much of the community. Players are hoping to see the full roster of existing Mega Pokemon make a return in the upcoming title, though it seems very likely that Legends: Z-A will introduce some completely new mega evolutions as well.



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