• A creative fan reimagined Applin and its evolutions as different foods, adding more fun possibilities to the Pokemon universe.
  • Regional variants in Pokemon inspire fan artwork, with Applin’s unique evolutions making it a popular subject for custom designs.
  • Pokemon continues to be a beloved franchise that sparks creativity and imagination in fans worldwide.

A creative Pokemon fan recently designed some delicious regional variants for Applin and its evolutions, all themed after different foods. The fruit-like Grass/Dragon hybrid Applin was introduced to players in Pokemon Sword and Shield back in 2019 as part of the new lineup of 81 creatures residing in the United Kingdom-inspired Galar region. Like many other Pokemon monsters, Applin can evolve into different forms by fulfilling certain conditions, and is the only Gen 8 Pokemon to have a branched evolutionary line that players can influence by exposing it to certain types of apples.

If exposed to a Tart Apple, Applin transforms into the dragon-like Flapple, which has its own Gigantamax form that the player can activate with the Gigantamax Factor. Should Applin instead be paired with a Sweet Apple, it will become the pie-shaped Appletun, which also has a Gigantamax form. Starting with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC expansions, Applin has a third evolution branch when exposed to Syrupy Apple: the candy apple-like Dipplin, which can evolve further to become the serpentine Hydrapple by leveling up while knowing the Dragon Cheer move.


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Now a Reddit user by the handle of SayuriKoopa is taking Applin and its evolutionary line beyond their usual apple motif in a collection of custom regional variants that they recently shared on r/pokemon. These new Pokemon variants seem to instead be based on buns and other bread items, with Applin itself now resembling a small dinner roll, Appletun looking like a larger bread loaf, and Flapple becoming a burger-like creature that can fold itself into the shape of a sandwich. Dipplin, meanwhile, is patterned after a cupcake, with its evolved form Hydrapple having the body of a birthday cake.

Regional Variants Create More Pokemon Fanart Possibilities

Pokemon has always inspired fans to create impressive artwork thanks to its ever-growing assortment of elementally empowered creatures, and this has only increased with the advent of regional variants in Pokemon Sun and Moon. These alternate versions of established Pokemon feature slightly altered designs and new elemental types – with certain creatures like Meowth even getting multiple variants in different regions.

Fan artists have naturally gravitated toward the regional Pokemon variant concept, designing new versions of Pokemon that haven’t gotten an official alternate form yet. Applin already features plenty of variety thanks to its many different branching evolutions, and SayuriKoopa’s food-inspired designs present even more fun possibilities for what the Apple Core Pokemon and its advanced forms might look like in different parts of the growing Pokemon world.



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