• Pokemon fan chocobochic7 baked a Psyduck cake for a friend’s birthday.
  • A Psyduck cake was created with gum paste and blue frosting.
  • Psyduck, known for its iconic blank stare and Psychic-type powers, is often used in fan art projects.

A Pokemon fan baked an adorable cake that featured the Water Pokemon called Psyduck as the central piece and shared the tasty treat with other trainers on social media. The Pokemon baker received compliments from their peers, and some asked questions about how the Psyduck cake decoration was crafted.

Known as the Duck Pokemon, Psyduck first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue. As a Water-type Pokemon, Psyduck has become one of the more common creatures trainers may encounter in most Pokemon games. Psyduck evolves into Golduck, starting at level 33. With a yellow body, a pale bill, and a blank stare on its face, Psyduck’s expression has made it one of the most iconic Pokemon over the decades. However, behind Psyduck’s gaze lies a latent Psychic-type power. When pushed into a stressful situation, such as a Pokemon battle against a tough foe, Psyduck can use powerful Psychic-type attacks such as Confusion, Psychic, and Zen Headbutt to defend itself.


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Over the years, it is no surprise that Psyduck has been the subject of Pokemon fan art projects. However, one Pokemon trainer chose to create Psyduck with a different approach. On Reddit, a user named chocobochic7 baked a Psyduck cake for their friend’s birthday and shared two pictures of the finished product on the r/Pokemon subreddit. To begin, chocobochic7 created a round, multi-layered cake with blue and white frosting spread along it. The colors were chosen to look like water, which led to Psyduck’s placement as the central part of the cake. The Duck Pokemon was placed on the top, with its eyes closed and its arms outstretched to appear relaxed and floating on the waves. It was not clear what flavor cake chocobochic7 baked for their friend.

Pokemon Fan Bakes Psyduck Cake Using Gum Paste

As for the Duck Pokemon itself, Psyduck was made from gum paste, which is different from fondant. Gum paste is a sugar dough that dries quickly and becomes hard, unlike fondant, which is an icing that retains consistency and is used for decorating some cakes. In the comments, chocobochic7 said that Psyduck had hardened to such a degree that it was not eaten and set aside. One Pokemon fan jokingly asked if Psyduck had a headache while floating on the water depicted on the cake. Other users complimented chocobochic7 for their effort and some expressed wishes to the baker’s friend for their birthday.

With Pokemon such as Psyduck and Slowpoke being used as cake inspirations, Pokemon fans such as chocobochic7 have baked some tasty creations over the years. It remains to be seen what treats Pokemon trainers will create next.



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