• A Pokemon fan created a massive fusion creature by combining designs from all 151 Gen 1 Pokemon.
  • The fan listened to suggestions from other fans during the design process.
  • The fan’s monstrous fusion character gained a lot of attention, and fans expressed interest in seeing more unique designs.

A Pokemon fan managed to merge every Gen 1 Pokemon design into one massive creature. There are 151 Gen 1 Pokemon in total, so it’s an impressive feat to be able to bring this weird creation to life.

Pokemon doesn’t have a fusion feature, but many fans have combined a couple of them to create an original character. It also didn’t stop PokeCommunity user Schrroms from developing Pokemon Infinite Fusion, a ROM hack that allows fans to fuse two Pokemon to create something adorable or horrifying. Meanwhile, one fan took Pokemon fusion to a whole new level.


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One fan of the Gen 2 Pokemon games brings one of the Johto region’s most iconic cities to life as a full-scale build in a Minecraft world.

Pokemon Fan Fuses 151 Gen 1 Characters

Reddit user TB_Mumpitz challenged themselves to add one feature from each Gen 1 Pokemon design until they created a totally new creature. They also took suggestions from fellow Pokemon fans while designing the fusion creature. After 152 days, they revealed a monstrous Pokemon, which has Gyarados’ face and neck, Charizard’s wings, and other random body parts sticking out from all sides.

Many Pokemon fans followed TB_Mumpitz’s chaotic journey of creating an over-the-top fusion character. The comments under the fan’s Reddit and Instagram posts were filled with congratulatory messages for completing their Pokemon project. There were also some people asking if TB_Mumpitz would do this again for other Pokemon generations, which they clarified that they won’t for the time being because of their hectic schedule. However, they said they would fully support anyone who wants to continue the project for Gen 2 onwards.

The absurd Gen 1 Pokemon fusion further solidified that fans love seeing different takes on these characters. Although fusion artworks often don’t look as monstrous as TB_Mumpitz’s creation, many fans are interested in seeing designs that are out of the box, like a Pokemon that combines Golem and Porygon Z. Based on the fan art and the popularity of Pokemon Infinite Fusion alone, it shows that there’s some clamor to make this feature available in mainline games.


The beauty of the Pokemon franchise is that it introduces many new features and attributes. Apart from the Gen 9 Pokemon, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet debuted Paradox Pokemon, which are ancient and futuristic versions of Pokemon. Considering its popularity within the PokeCommunity, Pokemon fusions could be the logical next step for Gen 10. It will likely take a while before the next Pokemon generation comes out, but it might be worth the wait for avid players of the franchise.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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