Pokemon GO players have a lot of ways to get Shiny Pokemon, but none of the ways are surefire. Shiny monsters are rare spawns and require extensive grinding to encounter; the same is true with Shiny Happiny, Shiny Chansey, and Shiny Blissey. While there are multiple methods to get these Shiny variants, getting Shiny Happiny leads to Shiny Chansey and Shiny Blissey.

Happiny and Shiny Happiny share identical prowess and stats, the only distinction being their color profile in Pokemon GO. Happiny might be an underwhelming performer, but its evolutions, Chansey and Blissey, possess excellent battle capabilities. The battle prowess adds more value to the Shiny variants of these Pocket Monsters. Collectors can also compete in different PvP leagues with these Shiny variants. That said, this guide explores every way to get Shiny Happiny, Shiny Chansey, and Shiny Blissey in the game.


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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Happiny, Shiny Chansey, And Shiny Blissey

Pokemon GO Shiny Happiny, Shiny Chansey, and Shiny Blissey

Shiny Happiny and its Shiny evolutions are available as wild spawns, Egg hatches, Research task encounters, and through 4-star raids. While trainers can get Happiny through 2KM Eggs in Pokemon GO, one must explore other ways to get its evolutions. Or, one can also get a Shiny Happiny and later evolve it.

Pokemon GO: Get Shiny Happiny Through 2 KM Eggs

Multiple Shiny monsters hatch from different Pokemon GO Eggs. On featured events like the Chansey Community Day, players encounter the Normal-type Happiny by hatching 2 KM Eggs. During such events, there is also an increased chance of getting a Shiny Happiny through these eggs.

Pokemon GO: Get Shiny Chansey In The Wild

While one can get Shiny Happiny through 2 KM Eggs, Shiny Chansey is available as a wild spawn. Events like the Chansey Community Day that features the monster significantly boost its wild spawn rate. But, the Shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed; players must encounter multiple Chansey to match its Shiny odds.

Numerous Pokemon GO items like Lure Modules, Incense, and the Weather Boost effect can notably increase wild Pokemon spawn rate. When these items are used during featured events that already boost a monster’s spawn rate, their effects stack. The increased wild spawn rate greatly helps to encounter monsters and achieve the Shiny spawn odds.

The Normal-type Chansey experiences a Weather Boost in places with partly cloudy weather. One must look for a PokeStop or Gym with partly cloudy weather, attach a Lure Module, activate an Incense, and walk around the specific PokeStop or Gym. Doing so will stack their effects and significantly boost Chansey’s wild spawn rate during featured events.

Pokemon GO: Get Shiny Chansey and Shiny Blissey Through Research Tasks

Sometimes, Chansey and Blissey are featured as Research quest encounters. There are special events that offer multiple Research quests and rewards, much like the Chansey Community Day’s Field Research and The Shape of Happiness Special Research story. Completing Research quests during events featuring Chansey and Blissey might reward players with a Shiny Chansey and Shiny Blissey encounter. That being the case, players can also earn different Pokemon GO items like Silver Pinap Berry, Ultra Ball, and more.

Pokemon GO: Get Shiny Chansey Through 4-Star Raids

Shiny Chansey in Pokemon GO

There is a possibility of encountering a Shiny Chansey by winning Chansey raids. The monster is a 4-star raid boss with boosted Pokemon GO CP and power level. After players defeat the raid boss, there is a chance of Shiny Chansey spawning nearby, but the Shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed. Although 4-star raids might not be as brutal as Mega raids, one still needs proper meta knowledge and powerful counters to bag the win.

Counters For Chansey Raids In Pokemon GO


Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Blaziken

Counter (Fighting-type)

Focus Blast (Fighting-type)

Mega Alakazam

Counter (Fighting-type)

Focus Blast (Fighting-type)


Double Kick (Fighting-type)

Sacred Sword (Fighting-type)

Mega Rayquaza

Double Kick (Fighting-type)

Dragon Ascent (Flying-type)

Shadow Machamp

Counter (Fighting-type)

Dynamic Punch (Fighting-type)


Counter (Fighting-type)

Aura Sphere (Fighting-type)


Low Kick (Fighting-type)

Sacred Sword (Fighting-type)

Shadow Mewtwo

Psycho Cut (Psychic-type)

Focus Blast (Fighting-type)

Shadow Blaziken

Counter (Fighting-type)

Focus Blast (Fighting-type)

One must win multiple Chansey raids to repeatedly spawn numerous Chansey. Only by doing so can they catch up to its Shiny odds and encounter a Shiny Chansey in Pokemon GO.


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Pokemon GO: How To Evolve Shiny Happiny Into Shiny Chansey And Shiny Blissey

Pokemon GO Get Shiny Happiny, Shiny Chansey, and Shiny Blissey

Pokemon GO trainers with Shiny Happiny can easily evolve the monster into a Shiny Chansey and Shiny Blissey. The cost for evolving Shiny Happiny into a Shiny Chansey is 25 Candy, but one must make Shiny Happiny their Buddy Pokemon and walk 15 KM with it. Unless both conditions are met, players aren’t eligible to evolve their Shiny Happiny. Those who evolved their Shiny Happiny into a Shiny Chansey or directly caught a Shiny Chansey now have to evolve it into a SHiny Blissey. Unlike Shiny Happiny, players only have one condition to evolve their Shiny Chansey into a Shiny Blissey, i.e., 50 Candy. Trainers can collect the required amount of Candy by caching and transferring numerous Happiny.

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