Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues to roll out the 7-Star Tera Raid event, this time featuring Emboar, the Fire-Fighting starter from Pokemon Black and White. This special edition Emboar will only be available for a limited time, and will come with an Electric Tera-type that helps deal with its two major weaknesses; Flying and Water.

This marks the 50th Tera Raid event and will challenge players to come up with new and unique ways to bring a powerful Pokemon down. Finding 7-Star Tera Raids is the easier part of this adventure, as they can be spotted on the map with a glow in locations with Tera Crystals. Black Tera Crystals are also reserved for the special Tera Raid events, giving players the opportunity to enter into the battle with their preferred Pokemon and team up with three other players around the world. This event will run from June 14 to 16, and then a second time from June 21 to 23, with Blissey added to the hunt for some Tera Crystal spoils.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The 14 Strongest Pokemon in the Paldea Pokedex (& Where to Find Them)

As one might expect, the strongest Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet are mostly Dragon-types, but there are one or two surprises thrown in there as well.

How To Unlock 7-Star Tera Raid

pokemon scarlet violet 7 star tera raid

In order to unlock 7-Star Tera Raids, players must first finish a few tasks before moving on to the most powerful Tera Raids available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players will need to finish the game’s main story mode, and then complete the Academy Ace Tournament, a multi-battle tournament pitting players against some of the strongest in-game characters and their teams of six.

Players will then be required to take on multiple 5-Star and 6-Star Raids, before finally receiving the phone call from Jacq to announce the unlocking of 7-Star Raids. The in-game professor will warn players ahead of time that these mysterious Black Crystals are tremendously powerful and must be taken seriously.

Best Weakness For Unrivaled Emboar


Emboar is an extremely powerful Pokemon that harnesses a high Attack stat and bulky HP to make battles last long enough to set up its Fire and Fighting moves. While it is weak to four elements; Water, Flying, Psychic, and Ground, it’s Electric Tera-type eliminates the first two weaknesses entirely.

Fortunately, its weakness to Ground-type Pokemon remains, which boasts well for players looking to take advantage of a type that can resist Electric-type attacks while dealing super-effective damage. Although players won’t be able to take advantage of the countless Water and Flying-type Pokemon, there are some worthy allies to bring along that can withstand the heat of Emboar’s fire, while nullifying its pesky Electric-type bonus. Furthermore, Emboar suffers from lower Speed, Defense, and Special Defense stats, making it prone to taking major damage before it can get off its own attacks.

Best Counters For Unrivaled Swampert

Three great options for dealing with Emboar are Gliscor, Landorus, and Palossand. All three Pokemon have favorable types that can deal with Emboar’s natural elements and hold off any Electric-type moves. It will depend on how players want to play this Tera Raid, and whether they prefer to solo Emboar with power and speed, or help out their friends with excellent defense and set-up to stall Emboar and make their allies stronger.


Gliscor is an excellent companion to bring along as part of a team of four players. One of its abilities, Sand Veil, raises Gliscor’s evasion during a sandstorm by one level. With a teammate that has a Pokemon that can effectively set up the sandstorm upon entering the battle, Gliscor will be harder to hit, and thus, helping it in its efforts to set up for an attack that can bring Emboar to its knees. It’s also best to keep the Ground-type for Tera-forming, as it will negate all Electric attacks.


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Gliscor is excellent for setting up some stat-lowering strategies, taking advantage of moves like Mud Shot and Earth Power, which can help lower Emboar’s Speed and Special Attack stats, respectively. Screech can help the remainder of the team land Attacks more effectively, as it drastically lowers Emboar’s Defense stat with each turn it is used. Gliscor may take a backseat to the battle plan, but its effectiveness with lower Emboar’s stats will be greatly appreciated by the team.


For Landorus, players can easily set up this Pokemon’s equally-effective Attack and Special Attack spread. Landorus has a wealth of helpful abilities to choose from, such as Sand Force, which increases all Ground-type, Rock-type & Steel-type moves by 30% in a sandstorm, and prevents Landorus from taking damage, or Intimidate, which will decrease Emboar’s Attack upon entering the fight.

Coming prepared with Calm Mind, which boosts Landorus’ Special Attack and Special Defense stats, while combining it with moves like Mud Slap, Earth Power, and Scorching Sands, will quickly deplete Emboar’s health. Once again, players are encouraged to bring a Ground Tera-type Landorus into the battle, and have it holding a Shell Bell for some extra HP replenishment along the way.


Alternatively, Palossand gives players some extra coverage thanks to its Ghost type. Not only can Palossand negate any of Emboar’s Electric-type moves, it also cancels out any of its Fighting-type attacks, which Emboar will likely have in this Tera Raid. Palossand should also have a held item like Leftovers, as it won’t be dealing much damage throughout the fight, but instead stalling Emboar and relying on its high Defense to keep it alive.

Be sure to bring along Palossand’s special ability, Sand Veil, as Water Compaction will severely affect this strategy in the wrong way. Palossand’s Skill Swap ability will get rid of any nasty plots Emboar may have planned, and using a move like Chilling Water will help bring down Emboar’s Attack each turn. Mud-Slap will bring Emboar’s Accuracy down by one stage, while Scorching Sands will give players roughly a 20% chance of burning Emboar, which cuts the damage it deals with physical attacks by half.

Can You Get Shiny Mighty Emboar?

Emboar In The Pokemon Anime

No, Mighty Emboar is not available during this special event, since all 7-star Tera Raids are shiny-locked. Players looking to get their hands on a shiny Emboar can test their patience and luck in the Indigo Disk DLC, by catching a Tepig, which can be found in most of the grassy parts of the Canyon Biome in the Terarium. Players can increase their luck using the Masuda method, which boosts shiny odds, or by hunting Tepig during outbreaks, if they are unlocked in the DLC.

pokemon scarlet and violet games

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are the main entries in the series for Generation IX. They introduced over 100 new Pokemon and brought players to the Paldea region.

November 18, 2022


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