• Prioritize regular sleep for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. Increase Snorlax’s strength with berries or dishes.
  • Delibird is best for Fancy Eggs, Ditto for Slowpoke Tails, Venusaur for Durin Berries, Blastoise for Moomoo Milk, Charizard for Warming Ginger, Dragonite for Greengrass Corn, and Gengar for Tasty Mushroom.
  • Catch rare Pokemon like Ditto and Gengar. Choose Pokemon based on their specialties for gathering specific ingredients efficiently.

Pokemon Sleep introduced a unique way of catching Pokemon. Players have to focus primarily on sleeping regularly for at least eight hours. In addition to sleeping, players have to increase Snorlax’s strength by either feeding it berries or dishes. Berries are easy to obtain; players just have to make sure that they have the right Pokemon with the preferred berry.


Pokemon Sleep: 7 Best Berry Specialists, Ranked

These berry specialists from Pokemon Sleep will ensure that Snorlax’s strength goes up quickly.

Making a dish, on the other hand, is not convenient. Players will first have to note down the dish for the week. It could be salad, curry, or dessert. Naturally, some of the Pokemon in the game are better at gathering ingredients because of their speed of help and nature.

7 Delibird

Ingredients: Fancy Egg, Fancy Apple, Soothing Cacao

Delibird in Pokemon Sleep

Delibird is a Flying-type Pokemon that can be found on either Greengrass Isle or Snowdrop Tundra. The Pokemon’s rate of appearance is rather low, so players might end up waiting for weeks before they encounter one. Another thing to keep in mind is that Delibird needs 16 friendship points before it can be befriended.

Delibird is arguably the best choice when it comes to gathering Fancy Egg. Its base frequency of 00:41:40 makes it quicker than any other ingredient specialist that can also gather Fancy Eggs.

6 Ditto

Ingredients: Slowpoke Tail, Large Leek, Pure Oil

Ditto in Pokemon Sleep

Ditto is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game. This Normal-type Pokemon can only be recruited after players fill its friendship bar, which has 16 slots. This makes it difficult to catch the Pokemon on the first try. If players are lucky, they might find a hungry Ditto, which increases the chance of the biscuit filling up the bar completely.


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Ditto can be found on all the islands, so players don’t have to restrict themselves to a single one unless they are looking to find different sleep styles. The best thing about Ditto is that it is the only ingredient specialist that can gather Slowpoke Tails, which is by far the strongest ingredient in Pokemon Sleep. The only other way of obtaining this ingredient is by putting a Slowpoke, Slowbro, or Slowking on the team. But all of them specialize in Skills.

5 Venusaur

Ingredients: Honey, Snoozy Tomato, Soft Potato

Venusaur in Pokemon Sleep

Venusaur is the third and final evolution of Bulbasaur. It is a Grass-type Pokemon and one of the best ingredient specialists in Pokemon Sleep. This Pokemon can gather Durin Berries, which are needed for Lapis Lakeside. Venusaur’s base frequency is a bit higher than its fellow Kanto starters, but it’s too far behind them.

Venusaur’s Ingredient Magnet S Main Skill is excellent for getting extra ingredients. The Pokemon can gather either Soft Potato, Honey, or Snoozy Tomato. Depending on what ingredients it has, players can put Venusaur on their teams when it makes sense.

4 Blastoise

Ingredients: Moomoo Milk, Soothing Cacao, Bean Sausage

Blastoise in Pokemon Sleep

Blastoise is another Kanto starter that comes in handy for multiple teams. It is the best choice for players who want to gather Moomoo Milk, which is one of the most used ingredients in desserts and other dishes. Blastoise is also great for collecting Soothing Cacao.


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Since it is a Water-type Pokemon, Blastoise collects Oran Berry, which is the preferred berry for Snorlax. Therefore, players can put it on their teams for Cyan Beach and gain extra strength. Blastoise’s Main Skill also lets it gather a specific number of ingredients instantly.

3 Charizard

Ingredients: Bean Sausage, Warming Ginger, Fiery Herb

Charizard in Pokemon Sleep

Charizard is one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time. This fire-breathing lizard was introduced in Gen 1, and since then, its popularity has continued to increase. Players who want to obtain a Charizard will have to either wait until Charmeleon reaches level 27 or they can simply get one after reaching the Master ranks on either Greengrass Isle or Taupe Hollow.

Charizard’s Ingredient Magnet S is a useful skill that provides extra cooking ingredients whenever it is triggered. The ideal subskills for Charizard are Ingredient Finding S/M, Skill Trigger, and Helping Speed.

2 Dragonite

Ingredients: Greengrass Corn, Fiery Herb, Pure Oil


Dragonite is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon from Gen 1. This Pokemon can only be obtained from Lapis Lakeside, which is one of the more challenging islands in the game. Players will need to register 240 sleep styles to unlock Lapis Lakeside.

To evolve Dratini into Dragonite is rather time-consuming. First, it evolves into Dragonair at level 23. The Pokemon then turns into Dragonite after reaching level 41. Dragonite’s base frequency is not bad at all, so it doesn’t take long for the Pokemon to gather the ingredients. Its Main Skill allows Dragonite to recover energy, so a Skill Trigger subskill is not a bad choice to have.

1 Gengar

Ingredients: Fiery Herb, Tasty Mushroom, Pure Oil

Gengar in Pokemon Sleep

Gengar is arguably the best ingredient specialist in the game. It is a Ghost-type Pokemon that can produce an extremely high amount of ingredients in very little time. It has a base frequency of 00:36:40, which is excellent.

Players can evolve their Ghastly into Haunter once it reaches level 19. It can be evolved into Gengar only after using a Linking Cord and 80 Gastly candies. Gengar’s preferred nature should boost ingredient finding speed, and its subskills should do the same.

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