• Pokemon Sleep announces Flower Festival event for April, offering bonuses unique from previous events.
  • Players can expect increased chances to encounter rare Pokemon like Sylveon and Comfey during the event.
  • Bonuses like Snorlax’s dish strength x4.5 on the last night can help stack up Drowsy Points for rare encounters.

Pokemon Sleep has announced a Flower Festival event for April. This event comes ahead of the Good Sleep Day event announced recently. The Flower Festival is the first of its kind, but there have been previous events in Pokemon Sleep like the Raikou Research that have been similar.

The previous event, Raikou Research, had players get spawn boosts for Electric-type Pokemon and a chance to encounter Raikou. The new Pokemon Sleep event comes with new bonuses unique from previous ones, with boosts for Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon.


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The Flower Festival event will be from April 22 to April 29. All dishes during the event will be set to Salads, with multiple dish strength multipliers. Comfey is making its Pokemon Sleep debut during the event. Also included spawn boosts for Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Leafeon, Chikorita, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Togepi. Players also have an increased chance to find a Sylveon for their team, which is one of the best evolutions for Eevee in Pokemon Sleep. Each Flower Festival day rolls over at 4 am, and sleep data tracked before the event will not apply if players select “Review Later.”

Bonuses In Effect For The Flower Festival Event

  • Snorlax Dish Strength x1.5
  • Extra Tasty Dish Strength x3
  • Pokemon with different sleep styles than yours increased
  • Shiny Chance Increased
  • 1 Guaranteed Hungry Pokemon

On April 28th, the event’s last night, only a few things will change in addition to previous bonuses. Snorlax’s dish strength will go up by x4.5 for Extra Tasty dishes. Players can utilize the extra dish strength to stack up Drowsy Points for those sleepy nights. The more Drowsy Points a player has, the more likely they are to encounter rare Pokemon like Charizard, Tyranitar, or Gengar. Pokemon that have a greater appearance rate are listed in the grid:
























Unlike the Raikou Research event that happened last, there will be no new legendary Pokemon coming. However, players will surely find Pokemon that are worthwhile to have on their team. Sylveon especially is one of the best Pokemon to have in Pokemon Sleep, and the new Comfey may turn out to be pretty good as well. Either way, players will surely find Pokemon that are worthwhile to have on their team. Fans of the series should get that Drowsy Power up and sleep soundly starting April 22.

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Pokemon Sleep

Select Button’s Pokemon Sleep is an Android and iOS app that tracks the user’s sleep, rewards them with points, and assigns them a type. Depending on their scores, players can befriend Pokemon that match their type.


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