• xQc’s ban from a DayZ server caused a stir due to his streaming fame, highlighting challenges faced by popular streamers.
  • The ban sheds light on the issue of stream sniping, where players unfairly target streamers for personal gain or disruption.
  • While xQc’s ban may be controversial, it’s not the first time he has faced server bans, showcasing the complexities of online gaming.

In a surprising turn of events, xQc, a notable figure within the Twitch and Kick streaming community, found himself banned from a popular server of the multiplayer-focused survival video game DayZ. The reason behind the DayZ server ban was as surprising as it was straightforward: xQc’s stature as a prominent streamer.

For those unfamiliar, Félix Lengyel, commonly known as xQc, is a Canadian streamer with a massive following of over 12 million on Twitch, the leading streaming platform. Last year, he made headlines by signing a streaming deal with Kick.com, Twitch’s rival, valued at around $100 million, marking one of the biggest deals in the streaming industry to date. This agreement stirred up discussions within the streaming community for months and even caught the attention of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.


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Renowned Canadian Twitch streamer xQc reveals he’s planning to file a lawsuit against his ex-partner Adept to reclaim the McLaren.

xQc Banned From DayZ Server

However, it was precisely this level of fame that seemed to have prompted the ban during a livestream on March 31st. While immersed in the gameplay, managing inventory items within DayZ, streaming star xQc found himself abruptly disconnected from the server, greeted by a ban message from the server administrator that read, “Thanks, but no thanks.” This unexpected expulsion left xQc bewildered and visibly frustrated, prompting him to question the rationale behind his ban, to which his fellow player, Greekgodx, attributed to his status as a streamer. xQc responded angrily, stating he was simply playing the game and hadn’t done anything wrong.

The audience’s responses to xQc’s ban varied. Some suggested that DayZ server administrators tend to be strict, particularly towards players who attract stream snipers. Given xQc’s substantial following, it’s unsurprising that he would draw the attention of such individuals. For those who don’t know, Stream sniping is a term used in online gaming to describe the practice of watching a livestream of a player, often a popular streamer, in real-time while simultaneously playing against them in the same game. The intention behind stream sniping varies, but it typically involves gaining an unfair advantage over the streamer or disrupting their gameplay.

While it remains to be seen if the DayZ server will lift xQc’s ban or not, it’s worth mentioning that this is not the first time the streamer has faced a ban from a game’s server. Over the years, xQc has been banned and unbanned from GTA‘s NoPixel role-playing server several times. It’s also worth noting that last year, xQc surprised his viewers by revealing his co-ownership of the Grand Theft Auto Online NoPixel RP server.



DayZ is a horror-themed zombie survival release. Players will hop in and do battle against the undead while attempting to find and craft better equipment. They will also need to content with other players that are keen on stealing their stuff.

December 13, 2018

M for Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

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