When fans start their playthrough of Princess Peach: Showtime, they’ll be given access to four transformations at first, and they’re a lot of fun to try out. Each transformation has its own set of skills and mechanics for gamers to master as they explore all of its levels. Cowgirl Peach is one of the first transformations alongside Swordfighter Peach, Patisserie Peach, and Ninja Peach.


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This guide will help players collect all the available Sparkle Gems in the Cowgirl in the Wilderness level, the first Cowgirl Peach stage that fans must face.

saloon cutscene

Players will find the locations of the ten Sparkle Gems hidden in Princess Peach: Showtime‘s Cowgirl in the Wilderness level.

Sparkle Gem 1

To get past the gates in the first area, players have to help the two Theets by hitting them with the Power of Sparkle. The house on the right doesn’t have anyone inside but it contains three empty vases. If the player uses the Power of Sparkle on them, they will turn into cacti. Once all vases have been converted, a Sparkle Gem will appear.

peach and stella reviving plants

Sparkle Gem 2

Players will find the second Sparkle Gem in the next area, behind the barrels at the entrance of the saloon.

grabbing sparkle gem in front of saloon

Sparkle Gem 3

The house next to the saloon is locked up, and it’s impossible to enter it using the front entrance. To get inside, gamers have to use the horse carriage on the far left side of this area so they can jump and get onto the balcony of the saloon. This will make it possible to reach the balcon of the locked house. If gamers take out the bandit holding the Theet hostage, they’ll be allowed to enter it.

entering locked building and grabbing sparkle gem

Once inside, players have to use the Power of Sparkle on the three unlit ceiling lamps to turn on the lights – this will also cause the third Sparkle Gem to appear.

There is a hole on the wall on right side of the house, and the Ribbon NPC is tucked away inside. Players must hit the NPC with the Power of Sparkle to cheer them up so he will give them the
Cowgirl Dress Ribbon

Sparkle Gem 4

Once fans receive the Cowgirl Peach transformation, they will be taken to the inside of the saloon to fight the bandits. Here, they will have the opportunity to acquire the fourth Sparkle Gem. However, if they miss it, they’ll have to restart or replay the level to try again.

Barrels and bandits will pop out of the ground once the fight starts. Players will have to use their hogtie to grab the barrels and get the Theets out. To get the fourth Sparkle Gem in Cowgirl in the Wilderness, players must save all five Theets during the saloon fight. Here is a video demonstrating how to do it:

Sparkle Gem 5

princess peach rides a horse cowgirl transformation hogtie

Even though Peach is able to save the Theets and defeat some of the bandits, they will still manage to get away with the loot. So, during the next sequence of the play, she will chase them down. Just like in the Ninjutsu: The Art of Rapids level, this level includes a non-stop scene, and gamers won’t be able to go back to where they were once it starts.

To get the fifth Sparkle Gem, players have to successful ride over the eight fragments of Sparkle Gems as they ride through the first area of the chase scene.

Sparkle Gem 6

peach chases bandits on a horse

To get the first horse-chase Sparkle Gem, gamers have to use their hogtie to break all of the boxes on the horses back until they reach the last once which contains the sixth Sparkle Gem in Cowgirl in the Wilderness.

Sparkle Gem 7

peach chases bandits on a horse

Near the end of the chase scene, the bandits will start shooting holes into the bridge; Peach must hop over them to avoid falling behind. Gamers have to remain close so they can break the last box and secure the seventh Sparkle Gem.

Sparkle Gem 8

Players can get the eight Sparkle Gem by using the hogtie to pull back the metal shield on the back of the boss’s horse.

Sparkle Gem 9

cowgirl in the wilderness secret entrance

Before chasing down the head of the bandits, players will be able to get the ninth Sparkle Gems by entering the secret underground stage. It is located right beside the door leading up to the boss fight.

Here, players must take down every bandit using their hogtie. After they’ve done this, they will be rewarded with a Sparkle Gem.

Sparkle Gem 10

Lastly, in order to capture the last Sparkle Gem and complete the Cowgirl in the Wilderness level, players will have to fight the boss bandit that stole everything from the Theets back in town.

To make this fight easier, gamers should memorize the boss’s attack patterns. First, the boss will shoot his weapon, and cannon balls will come out. Thankfully, they are quite slowly and easy to dodge. Then, he will shoot a barrel from his gun, and similarly to the saloon fight, players have to grab the barrel with their hogtie and throw it back at the bandit. He will become confused, and this is when they have to use the tie on him.

Players experiencing difficulty completing this fight might want to consider
using the Heart Charm
, as it will grant them more starting hearts.

Next, the bandit will use the bull horns on his hat and run straight ahead. He does this twice the first time around, and then three times the second time. To beat the boss in Cowgirl in the Wilderness, players must hogtie him a total of three times. Once he’s been defeated, players will receive the tenth Sparkle Gem.

pricness peach showtime

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March 22, 2024




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