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The first Dashing Thief play in Princess Peach: Showtime takes place on the second floor of Sparkle Theather. However, gamers won’t be able to participate in the second Dashing Thief Peach play until they beat Purrjector Cat and unlock the fourth floor.


Princess Peach: Showtime – The Case of the Missing Mural – Sparkle Gem Locations

Here is where Detective Peach can find all the collectibles hidden in The Case of the Missing Mural play in Princess Peach: Showtime.

Dashing Thief plays can be hectic, so gamers might have difficulty gathering every collectible. In The Stolen Statue, gamers will be able to find seven Sparkle Gem as well as the Ribboner. On top of this, if they’ve beaten the game, they’ll also have to uncover the location of three Hide and Seek Theets – here’s how to find everything.

peach escapes blimp after saving the stolen statue

Here is where gamers can find every Sparkle Gem in The Stole Statue play:

Sparkle Gem 1

plane chase scene dashing thief peach

During the plane chase segment, players can grab the first Sparkle Gem by jumping onto the plane down below and then using the hookshot to get themselves back up to safety.

Sparkle Gem 2

Gamers can acquire the second Sparkle Gem if they’re able to collect all eight Sparkle Gem fragments after reaching the green pipe. To make this task easier, they should deactivate the security drones momentarily by hitting them with their Dashing Thief hookshot tool.

Sparkle Gem 3

In the next area, gamers will be able to avoid all security drones by using the hookshot. Once they get to the end of this area, the Sparkle Gem will be waiting for them.

Sparkle Gem 4

Once gamers leave the building, they can get under the vent on the left of the exit door to get into the secret underground area by posing. Here, they must use the hook to reach the Sparkle Gem.

Sparkle Gem 5

While outside the blimp, Peach will get caught and security planes will start shooting at her. While this happens, gamers must try to avoid taking any damage and use the hookshot to grab the blue hook and reach the next Sparkle Gem on the left.

Princess Peach Showtime The Stolen Statue sparkle gem 5

Even if players fall to their death, Peach will respawn and, as long as they touch the gem, it’ll be marked as collected by the player.

Sparkle Gem 6

Players will have to keep using the hooks, and they will eventually re-enter the blimp. Once Dashing Thief Peach breaks through the window, they will unlock the sixth Sparkle Gem.

Sparkle Gem 7

Princess Peach Showtime The Stolen Statue sparkle gem 7

Gamers will have to escape the blimp once they retrieve the statue. During this segment, they must make sure that they use the upper route, as it’s where the seventh Sparkle Gem is located.

If gamers accidentally choose the wrong route, they can stay put and let the falling rubble take them out. This way, they respawn at the start of this area and re-do it.

Here is where players can find the Ribboner and the hidden Theets in The Stolen Statue play in Princess Peach: Showtime.

Ribboner Location

frightened ribboner npc

Once gamers enter the blimp after the plane segment at the start of the play, they must go left and unlock the lock to help the Ribboner who’s unfortunately entered the wrong blimp. He will thank players by giving them the Dashing Thief Ribbon for Stella.

Hide and Seek Theet Locations

To find the hidden Theets in The Stolen Statues, here’s where players have to look:

  • Check behind the spawn point
  • After turning off the lights after the plane segment, go left instead of right after using the hookshot on the blue hook
  • While escaping, after grabbing the final Sparkle Gem, gamers can get the Hide and Seek Theet right in front of the lower escape route

pricness peach showtime

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