• The PlayStation 2 is considered a pillar in the gaming community and has introduced many popular franchises, making it an important part of video game history.
  • Finding neatly boxed PS2 consoles in 2023 is a major achievement, as they could be between 10 and 23 years old.
  • While there are rumors of a PS2 emulator, the only official way to play the classics is to own an actual PS2 or a PS3 with backward compatibility.

A Sony PlayStation 2 fan shared their recent encounter involving a surprising discovery in a basement they were trying to rent out. Some people consider the PS2 to be one of the greatest consoles of all time. It has produced many of the biggest franchises in modern gaming today, and it has introduced a lot of video game concepts and ideas into the masses’ consciousness. From the very first 3D Grand Theft Auto to now well-known brands such as God of War, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts, to name a few, the console is considered to be a huge pillar in the gaming community.

While the PlayStation 2 is a few generations apart from the current, its legacy is still regarded by many to be an important part of video game history. Many gamers fondly remember the sound it makes when starting a game, as well as the PS2’s interesting save icons that represented a certain facet of the games being played. Many fans feel nostalgic whenever the PS2 is mentioned in discussions.


Heartbreaking Video Shows Classic Video Games and Consoles Ruined By Water Damage

A recent video will have many mourning the loss of one particular gamer’s collection being lost to an extensive amount of water damage.

One lucky fan was able to find three boxed PS2s while renting out an old basement. MohammadNasser1083 shared the photos on Reddit where they mentioned that the items were found in a basement in Kuwait. The owner of the place offered them the items as long as they rented the place. Although the items don’t look to be in mint condition, to be able to find neatly boxed PS2s in 2023 seems like a major achievement. The console was first launched in 2000, while the last batch of PS2s was produced in 2013, which could mean that the consoles could be between 10 and 23 years old. A few people from the comments section shared their amazement, with a few users even offering to purchase one of the three items.

While there is a rumored PS2 emulator in the works for PS4 and PS5, the only official way to be able to play many of the classics right now is to own an actual PS2 or a PS3, since a lot of the titles aren’t available for modern fans. The PS3’s backward compatibility, however, allows gamers to experience games from that generation as well as the PS1’s titles.

Sadly, that’s just one step to being able to play as any fans who want to play classic titles will need to scour thrift shops and such to be able to score physical copies of the games. If they can be as lucky as some gamers who found a haul of PS2 titles at a garage sale, then they may be able to enjoy the console. Otherwise, the boxed console may just serve as part of a prized personal collection.


PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was Sony’s direct “sequel” to their original PlayStation and stands as one of the best-selling and most beloved consoles of all time. With a catalog of amazing games, it stood strong against the GameCube and Xbox in the sixth-generation of the console wars.


Original Release Date
October 26, 2000


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