• Experiment with customization options in Rise of the Ronin to enhance character appearance and Blade Sharpening Origins.
  • Unlock Rapid Assassination to efficiently take down multiple enemies, saving time and streamlining combat in the game.
  • Increase overall health early on to boost chances of success in difficult missions and ensure smoother progression through the game.

Rise of the Ronin can be extremely punishing, especially on higher difficulties. Players will often find themselves in a pinch, and the only way out will be their skills. Rise of the Ronin offers a lot of customization options, so gamers are free to experiment with the Blade Sharpening Origins and character appearance.


8 Ways Rise of the Ronin Improves Open-World Games

Rise of the Ronin may not be critically acclaimed, but it does have a few features that other open-world games should take note of.

The game also has various skill trees, and players can choose what skills they want their characters to have. While it is definitely fun to experiment, players should try to unlock the most useful skills to ensure smooth sailing. To make things more convenient, here are the best skills in Rise of the Ronin.

8 Rapid Assassination

Skill Type: Dexterity

Stealth killing an enemy in Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin puts a lot of onus on combat. There are various methods to take down enemies, so players won’t grow bored easily. Aside from beating enemies in open conflict, it is possible to use a stealthier approach. Players can assassinate enemies if they manage to sneak behind them undetected.

Initially, players will only be able to assassinate a single enemy, which can be problematic when multiple foes are standing together. To counter this problem, players can unlock Rapid Assassination. This particular skill allows players to kill two enemies if they are close to each other. With Rapid Assassination, they will be able to save a lot of time.

7 Speechcraft

Skill Type: Various

Rise of the Ronin: What To Do After Beating The Game

Throughout the game, players will be presented with choices. Some of them will be accessible, while others require certain skills to open. Due to this reason, it is absolutely important to unlock all Speechcraft skills in Rise of the Ronin.


Rise of the Ronin: 8 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Early Game

It’s easy to make mistakes early on Rise of the Ronin if players simply don’t know any better. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid.

There are different types of speechcraft that can be unlocked from several skill trees. By unlocking these skills, players will be able to use new dialog options, which in turn will open up new possibilities. So it is advised to unlock all of these skills as early as possible.

6 Max Health

Skill Type: Strength

Rise of the Ronin blue eyed samurai appraoching

Rise of the Ronin might not be a soulslike game, but that does not mean it is easy to progress through it. Players could often find themselves struggling against a particular enemy, or they might be unable to finish a complicated mission. In such situations, even the smallest upgrade can make a massive difference.

Like with any other game, it is absolutely important to increase overall health. The higher the HP, the greater the chance players have of completing a particular mission. This particular skill should be unlocked at all costs, as the benefits it provides are endless.

5 Grappling Rope Assassination

Skill Type: Dexterity

Rise of the Ronin Dive of the Ronin Trophy Guide (Glided From the Elevated Deck at Kiyomizudera Temple)

At the very beginning, players will be introduced to their grappling hook. This particular item can be used in different ways, one of which is climbing on tall structures. Aside from its traversal qualities, the grappling rope also serves as a weapon to beat enemies.

There is a skill called grappling rope that allows players to grab an enemy from afar and get rid of him. To put it briefly, the skill can be used to pull enemies from the ground. This particular skill can be utilized in situations where it would be unwise to attract the attention of other foes.

4 Increased Enemy Coin Acquisition

Skill Type: Charm

Countering an enemy in Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Roninhas a truckload of weapons, armor, and accessories. Each of these items has a unique effect on the character, so players shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with the equipment that they have. After deciding on a particular piece of equipment, it is only rational to improve it further.


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As Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin can be quite difficult, PS5 players should seek out the best early accessories that have useful Special Effects.

Upgrading equipment requires a lot of coin, which isn’t easy to come across. This is where Increased Enemy Coin Acquisition comes in. With the help of this skill, gathering coins becomes more convenient.

3 Additional Item Drops from Enemies

Skill Type: Charm

Rise of the Ronin stealth crouching near slain foe

Whenever players open the map in Rise of the Ronin, they will most likely find some activity to kill time. There are fugitives, Public Area activities, and side missions that players can undertake to obtain more resources.

With Additional Item Drops from Enemies, it is possible to get resources in a short period of time. This skill is particularly useful for players if they craft items all the time.

2 Barter Equipment Upgrades

Skill Type: Dexterity

Rise of the Ronin Handgun bonus gear

Given the sheer amount of equipment in Rise of the Ronin, it is not easy to choose one particular set of armor or weapon. But if players do find a set that fits their playstyle, they must invest in it. As previously stated, upgrading equipment can be challenging.

Players need to gather lots of coins and materials. To bypass this problem, they can simply unlock Barter Equipment Upgrades. This skill reduces the amount of money and materials needed to upgrade an item.

1 Upgraded Rifle Performance

Skill Type: Intellect


Aside from the main weapons, there are several sub-weapons that players can use in Rise of the Ronin. The rifle is arguably the best among them. This sub-weapon is capable of dealing an incredible amount of damage.

Players can unlock Upgrade Rifle Performance to gain access to the zoom feature. Additionally, it increases the damage dealt to an enemy by a headshot. With enough upgrades, players can potentially clear out an entire area with just the rifle.

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March 22, 2024

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