• A Gears of War collection could be in testing, potentially featuring upgraded versions of the original trilogy with similar upgrades as the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remaster.
  • The collection’s existence is supported by recent rumors, including claims from an insider who says it is finished and being playtested internally at The Coalition.
  • Speculation suggests that the collection could be revealed during this year’s Xbox Summer Showcase, along with a trailer for Gears of War 6, but fans should manage their expectations as plans could change.

According to some gaming industry insiders, a Gears of War collection could be in its testing phases right now. Gears of War is a classic Xbox third-person shooter franchise, though some of its games, like the second and third titles of the original trilogy, are trapped on the Xbox 360. As such, many fans of this franchise have been wanting a remastered collection for a long time, possibly something similar to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. There have been plenty of persistent rumors about a Gears of War collection in recent years.

The most prevalent rumors about a Gears of War collection are that The Coalition, the current developer of the games, has been working on upgraded versions of the original trilogy, which feature Marcus Fenix as its protagonist. Following the naming convention of the Master Chief Collection, these rumors have claimed that it would be called the Gears of War Marcus Fenix Collection, with it possibly having the same upgrades as the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remaster that The Coalition had released in 2015.


Gears of War 6 Gets Exciting Update

The development surrounding Gears of War 6 gets an interesting update, as fans continue waiting for the game’s official reveal.

The collection’s existence continues to be bolstered by recent rumors, the latest one coming from an insider who was a guest on The Infinite Podcast, Middle Age Gamer Guy (MAGG). According to him, it is claimed that the Gears of War collection is finished and is now being internally playtested by employees at The Coalition. While he wasn’t sure about what games would be included, he affirmed that the collection does exist. As previous rumors have also suggested, these remasters are being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

The podcast briefly speculated on when this collection would be dropped, some theorizing that it would be revealed during this year’s Xbox Summer Showcase. MAGG speculates that since Gears of War 6 is currently rumored to also be in development, the summer event would be a perfect time to showcase a trailer, then discuss and shadowdrop a Gears of War collection in order to get fans hyped about the rumored sixth entry. He notes that while he knows the collection is in the works, fans should manage their expectations in order to not be disappointed if it doesn’t appear at an event this year, since plans could possibly change at any moment.

The release window of this collection is uncertain at this time, but hearing the game is being tested should be good news for Gears of War fans. Ideally, if these play tests go well, it could end up being released either this year or in 2025. That said, even if the source of these rumors is credible, these are still rumors at the end of the day, so fans should take this information with a grain of salt until The Coalition, Xbox, or Microsoft give out more official information.


Gears of War

Xbox Game Studios’ Gears of War franchise began on the Xbox 360 and instantly became a flagship franchise for the green brand. The original Gears of War trilogy is considered one of the finest in the history of the third-person shooter genre, with the trilogy’s intense action and surprisingly touching story moments creating memorable experiences. 

The series has had another two solid main series entries since and even a turn-based tactics game. 


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