• Metaphor: ReFantazio is an upcoming high-fantasy IP from Atlus, featuring social simulation and dungeon-crawling elements similar to Persona.
  • Originally set for Spring 2024, the game’s release was pushed back to Fall 2024, but it may stick to its new window without further delays.
  • The game’s potential release date leaked by Midori is October 12, but fans should await official confirmation from Atlus or Sega.

According to a well-known Sega leaker, Atlus’ upcoming Metaphor: ReFantazio is on track for release later this Fall with no delays. Metaphor: ReFantazio is a brand-new IP from Atlus, having a lot of the same staff who previously worked on the developer’s Persona series in charge of the game. Unlike the Persona series, which is an urban fantasy RPG series, Metaphor: ReFantazio has a more traditional high-fantasy setting. While Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s gameplay loop is different than Persona‘s, they both share the same DNA by retaining a lot of social simulation and dungeon-crawling elements.

When Metaphor: ReFantazio was first announced at the Xbox Games Showcase last June, it had a target release window of Spring 2024. The second trailer for Metaphor was shown during The Game Awards 2023 in December. However, it stated the game was being pushed back to launch in Fall 2024 instead. A game getting a delay or two isn’t an uncommon thing in the industry. According to a notable Sega leaker, the game may be sticking with its Fall 2024 window and won’t be delayed that much further.


Metaphor: ReFantazio Already Has the Perfect Transition for Its Dungeons

Dungeons are a classic feature of RPGs, especially fantasy RPGs, and Metaphor: ReFantazio has some excellent examples to follow.

This information comes from Midori, an incredibly reliable leaker about various Sega and Persona games who has had an accurate track record throughout 2023. One of her latest tweets had her post a GIF of the game, which prompted a question from a Twitter user about whether Metaphor: ReFantazio had finished its development. Midori simply replied with “Metaphor will not be delayed,” which, while is not a solid confirmation of if the game is finished, seems to at least indicate it is in a state where the game will be released sometime within its projected Fall 2024 window.

While the game hasn’t been provided an official date yet, Midori has also leaked a potential release date for Metaphor: ReFantazio. According to Midori, store pages for Metaphor on the Microsoft Store home page in Hong Kong listed the game’s date as October 12. While it could be a placeholder date to coincide with its Fall 2024 window, it’s a rather specific date. Assuming both of these leaks from Midori are accurate, Metaphor: ReFantazio could be released on October 12 without any more delays.

Midori also claims that after the game’s launch later this Fall, Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released for the Nintendo Switch successor alongside Persona 3 Reload. While Midori has had an incredibly accurate track record thus far, fans should still take these leaks with a grain of salt until Atlus or Sega announce the game’s official launch date.

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Metaphor: ReFantazio

Developed by Atlus’ Studio Zero, Metaphor: ReFantazio is a fantasy RPG set in the United Kingdom of Euchronia, a medieval world that mirrors the modern-day “real world.” It takes inspiration from the Persona series with its turn-based combat and social sim elements.


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