Tracking down resources and silver currency is sometimes a dangerous business in Skull and Bones. While there is a lot of loot simply floating in the open sea or casually available through harvesting mini-games, some are a bit trickier to get hold of. Learning how to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is an activity to test your mettle, as it involves fighting dangerous sea monsters.


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There are a couple of ways to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, and neither is particularly easy. If you die in Skull and Bones, there is always the option to try again a few times to reclaim your loot. However, if you can survive long enough to claim Monstrous Tooth as a reward, it has some handy uses and shows off your hunting prowess on the seas.

Updated March 21st, 2024 by Russ Boswell: There are some quests in Skull and Bones that require players to tangle with some pretty imposing creatures but one of them stands out among the rest. The quest to hunt the Kuharibu and receive the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones can be pretty difficult for players who are unprepared as the sea creature is capable of dishing out some serious damage. To better help players get the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, the following guide has been updated with a video.

How To Get Monstrous Tooth In Skull And Bones

skull and bones whispers of the deep

To get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, you must fight a ferocious sea monster called Kuharibu, a massive green sea serpent. There are a couple of ways you can locate the Kuharibu Sea Monster:

  • Sail north of Sainte-Anne outpost to open waters just north of the Angaya Coast and not far from Skull and Bones‘ Islands of the Moon. Here, there’s a good chance of the Whispers of the Deep Strange Sightings rumor spawning, which is where the mighty Kuharibu appears.
  • Alternatively, a more reliable method is to follow the From the Deep contract. You can find this by speaking to the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra outpost. This is also a good starting point for hunting sea monsters in Skull and Bones.

skull and bones from the deep

Once you locate Kuharibu, you’ll have to fight and kill it to harvest Monstrous Tooth in a testing battle. Be prepared to use repair kits to maintain your ship and use the brace skill to combat the beast’s devastating damage as much as possible. You may also want to use Skull and Bones’ Call For Help feature to see if any nearby players might help out.

skull and bones Kuharibu sea monster

Once destroyed, you simply loot the Monstrous Tooth out of the water as usual. Kuharibu may also drop Monstrous Steak or Monstrous Scales.



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What Is Monstrous Tooth For In Skull And Bones?

skull ad bones ouroboros armor blueprint with monstrous tooth

In Skull and Bones, Monstrous Tooth is primarily another type of currency or trading item used to purchase blueprints for ship weapons, ship armor, and cosmetics from the Sea People Huntmaster, as long as you meet certain Infamy requirements for some items. Aside from cosmetics, some of the noteworthy blueprints and items you can buy with Monstrous Tooth include:


Number of Monstrous Tooth

Infamy Requirement

Great Springald III weapon blueprint


Kingpin I

Ouroboros ship armor blueprint


Kingpin I

Mysterious Chest



Providing you have Cutthroat I Infamy, you can also buy a cooking recipe blueprint with 10 Monstrous Tooth called Mchuzi wa Kuharibu which uses Monstrous Steak.

Skull and bones machuzi wa kuharibu cooking blueprint

Monstrous Steak

Monstrous Steak is mainly used in some cooking recipes to help restore ship stamina such as Tylosaurus Steak, which you can make using just one piece of Monstrous Steak.

skull and bones tylosaurus steak

When cooked, Tylosaurus Steak restores 60% sailing stamina. Like repairing your ship in Skull and Bones, having plenty of cooked food is essential for the best chance of surviving all kinds of powerful foes on the seas and can help give you the edge in combat, especially against sea monsters.


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February 16, 2024


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