Have you found yourself in a situation where you need that little bit of extra time underwater in Skyrim? No worries, as you’ll find out how to obtain the Waterbreathing enchantment below.

First of all, before getting into any specific enchantments, let’s take a look at how to obtain enchantments in general. And we’ll cover the Waterbreathing enchantment specifically later on. With the Waterbreathing enchantment, you’ll have a much easier time exploring underwater.


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If you want to get a couple of really cool potions, you’ll definitely need to learn how to get frost salts, a pretty rare ingredient in Skyrim.

How to Get Enchantments in Skyrim

Arcane Enchanters in Skyrim

Here’s what you should do in order to learn an enchantment to use it on your own equipment:

  • Find a generic piece of enchanted equipment. You can find enchanted equipment as random loot.
  • Find an Arcane Enchanter. The safest Arcane Enchanters available are in any longhouse or Jarl’s palace throughout Skyrim, more specifically in the court wizard’s quarters of a palace or longhouse. The only exceptions are Winterhold and Falkreath, as they don’t have court wizards.
  • Disenchant the piece of equipment using the Arcane Enchanter. By doing this, you’ll learn the enchantment and be able to use it to enchant your own equipment.

Now that you know how to learn enchantments, here’s how to find equipment enchanted with Waterbreathing.


Skyrim: How to Get Crimson Nirnroot

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Where to Find Waterbreathing Armor

Volsung Mask in Skyrim

Here are all the pieces of equipment with waterbreathing that don’t randomly spawn on enemies. Some of these do require DLCs:

Volsung Mask

In order to obtain this mask, you’ll have to defeat the dragon priest Volsung, who can be found in Volskygge. While this mask has the Waterbreathing enchantment, you can’t disenchant it to learn the enchantment.

Ebony Helmet

To obtain it, reach level 80 in the Dragonborn DLC and defeat the Ebony Warrior in one of the main cities. You can disenchant it to learn Waterbreathing.

Deathbrand Helm

To get this helm, follow Dragonborn DLC’s Deathbrand quest. The helm will be located in the chest marked by the Deathbrand Treasure Map.

Necklace of Waterbreathing

There are a few ways to get this piece of armor. The easiest is avoiding leveling up the skill tree and buying it at level one for 800 gold from any general goods merchant. Another way is way more RNG-based – the necklace sometimes spawns on random women in any main city.

Enchanted Helmet

At Cradlecrush Rock, you can find a skeleton that will always have an enchanted helmet. Now, the helmet won’t have Waterbreathing every time, so save somewhere distant from Cradlecrush Rock and fast travel there. Repeat this until you get the helmet you need. You can also find two enchanted helmets on both sides of the treasure chest at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.

Circlet of Waterbreathing

To obtain the Circlet of Waterbreathing, you’ll need to enter the Inner Sanctum during Dawnguard DLC’s Touching the Sky quest. A frozen Falmer will be holding one of these in the room north of the main chamber.

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