In Skyrim, each Dragonborn creates their own legend. However, as for story quests, players will have to face the same difficulties and may encounter a few overpowered enemies along the way. You will meet one such foe on High Hrothgar during the early game.

Although this is a fairly simple quest that will teach you how to use Shouts, it can be challenging for many beginners. Since Skyrim quests don’t directly tell you that you must be at a certain level to complete them, you will have to check if you can handle them during combat only. ‘The Way of the Voice’ is the first story quest in Skyrim to have such a limitation.


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How to Get to the Greybeards in Skyrim

Skyrim: The Way of the Voice Quest

After you kill your first Dragon, you will hear the call of the masters of The Way of the Voice. Players can then pursue ‘The Way of the Voice’ quest and will be able to further progress through the plot. However, to get to the Greybeards in Skyrim, you have to overcome a path called The Seven Thousand Steps and deal with a Frost Troll. After this, you will progress and complete ‘The Way of the Voice’ quest without any problems.

First, you need to get to Ivarstead beneath High Hrothgar. There, you will find the beginning of the 7,000-step path. In reality, it’s just plenty of winding steps that lead to the top of the mountain. There will be various enemies along the way, including wolves, but they do not pose a serious threat. The same cannot be said about Frost Troll. It is a deadly creature, especially if you immediately start this quest after receiving it.

How to Deal With the High Hrothgar Frost Troll

Skyrim: Troll

If your level is below 15, you should not try to win in open combat with the Frost Troll. It regenerates health and also has frost resistance. Therefore, in battle, you will need fire spells or weapons that can cause fire damage. For those not ready for such an encounter, there are several alternative ways to progress through this section of the path:

  • Battle Cry – Playing as Nord, you can use Battle Cry once a day, which causes everyone around to flee. Using it on the Troll, you can avoid a difficult battle.
  • Horse – With the help of a horse, you can attempt to quickly ride through the ravine without confronting the Troll.
  • Rock Climbing – If you don’t want to fight this strong enemy, just go around him. The Dragonborn can climb over the rocks to the left of the ravine.


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How to Complete the Way of the Voice Quest in Skyrim

Skyrim: the seven thousand steps path

Once you’ve dealt with the Troll, you will have no problem getting to the Greybeards in Skyrim. The path is pretty linear, and all you need to do is follow it until you reach High Hrothgar. Here, the Greybeards will tell you more about the power of Shouts and also teach you new ones. During their training, you will learn Ro, the second word of the Unrelenting Force Shout, and Whirlwind Sprint Shout.

In both cases, the Greybeards will carve Words on the ground. To study them, you just need to look at them. However, if you can’t do this, try looking at other places or using a Shout. Also, you don’t have to kill dragons to use these Words. After completing the training, you will complete the ‘Way of the Voice’ quest.

That’s all you need to know about reaching the Greybeards and completing the ‘Way of the Voice’ quest in Skyrim. This quest is really simple if you can survive the Frost Troll encounter.

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November 11, 2011


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