• A Stardew Valley fan crafts an adorable teapot and mug set inspired by the game’s cozy atmosphere and cute Junimos.
  • MundaneLocksmith4785’s pottery set features a teapot with a green Junimo and a mug with a surprise Junimo inside.
  • Stardew Valley’s popularity continues to inspire fans to create cute fan art, showcasing the enduring love for the game.

A talented Stardew Valley player has made an impressive tribute to the game by crafting an adorable tea pot and mug set. As one of the top games in the life simulation genre, Stardew Valley can be relaxing for many players, and this pottery set really illustrates the game’s coziness.

Through the years, Stardew Valley has become one of the most popular life and farming simulation games around. From interacting with the local townsfolk to growing crops and customizing one’s farm, Stardew Valley gives players plenty of things to do. There are also some intriguing creatures in Stardew Valley, like Junimos, and one fan has crafted a great tribute to the forest spirits.


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A Reddit user known as MundaneLocksmith4785 showed off their pottery skills on the Stardew Valley subreddit by sharing a handmade pottery set inspired by the game’s Junimos. The pottery set includes a beautifully crafted teapot with an accompanying mug, with both pieces featuring an adorable green Junimo as the focal point. Junimos in Stardew Valley are adorable forest spirits, and there has been some great fan art inspired by the creatures.

Stardew Valley Fan Makes Junimo Teapot and Mug Set

The teapot in question is a petite work of art with an adorable green Junimo painted on the side of its surface. As for the mug, the Junimo is featured at the bottom of the mug inside, offering a fun surprise that’s revealed after finishing a cup of tea or coffee. Both pieces are further embellished with yellow and purple stars that really make the teapot and mug pop in appearance. Since posting their work, MundaneLocksmith4785 has been praised for the creation, as fellow Stardew Valley fans have applauded not only their skill, but the sheer cuteness of the set.

There have been some great pieces of Stardew Valley fan art brought to life through the years, and this teapot and mug set is a great addition to the list. Thanks to the game’s cartoon-like art style and reputation for offering a cozy way to pass time, Stardew Valley has been a major inspiration for many fans who enjoy crafting adorable things. From cross stitching to paintings, the fan art that Stardew Valley has inspired demonstrates just how loved the game still is after all these years.

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Stardew Valley

February 26, 2016



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