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With a whole bunch of new content, features, and improvements, Stardew Valley’s Update 1.6 allows players to take their farm to new heights while having fun in the process. An exciting new addition that players can acquire is the Dehydrator.

The Dehydrator is a nifty machine that lets you process your harvested fruits and mushrooms into more valuable Artisan Goods. All mushrooms placed inside the Dehydrator will turn into Dried Mushrooms, whereas all Fruits become Dried Fruits, except for Grapes, which turn into Raisins. Stardew Valley players looking to get their hands on this unique tool can do so with the help of this guide.


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How To Get The Dehydrator In Stardew Valley

how to get dehydrator recipe stardew valley

To get the Dehydrator for your farm, you will first need to purchase its crafting recipe from Pierre’s General Store in Pelican Town. The recipe for the Dehydrator costs 10,000 gold coins, which is quite expensive for an early-game purchase.

Once you’ve got the recipe, all you need to do is collect the required ingredients and craft the Dehydrator from the Crafting tab in the menu. The following materials are needed to craft a Dehydrator:

  • 30 Wood
  • 2 Clay
  • 1 Fire Quartz

Wood is easily obtained by chopping down trees around the Valley, while Clay and Fire Quartz are somewhat harder to find. Clay can be collected by tilling the ground with a hoe or by mining Clay Nodes at the Dig Site on Ginger Island. Occasionally, you can also get Clay by breaking Geodes.

Image of a character foraging for Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, Fire Quartz can be foraged in the Mines (from Levels 80+) and in the Skull Cavern. There’s also a chance players can get this crystal from Magma Geodes or Omni Geodes.

If players have chosen the Mushroom Cave for their farm, they can get a Dehydrator for free.

How To Use The Dehydrator In Stardew Valley

Similar to other Artisan Equipment in Stardew Valley, you can place the Dehydrator at any location on your farm and click on it to use it. Next, place five pieces of any fruit or mushroom of your choice inside the Dehydrator and wait for them to dry up.

The table below lists the processing times of all the products you can create using a Dehydrator.

Name Description Ingredients Processing Time
Dried Mushroom A package of gourmet mushrooms 5x Any Mushroom 1750m ≈ 1 day
Dried Fruit Chewy pieces of dried fruit 5x Any Fruit 1750m ≈ 1 day
Raisin It’s said to be the Junimos’ favorite food. 5x Grapes 1750m ≈ 1 day

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