All the monsters in the Mines of Stardew Valley are fairly straightforward, but enemies start getting complicated once you reach the Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert. This is when you start running into large slimes that explode into smaller slimes, unkillable bugs, and mummies.

Mummies are especially troublesome because you can take them out for a while, but they always come back with full health and can block your path in the meantime. However, there’s a way to destroy mummies for good in Stardew Valley, at least as long as you’re willing to use some extra dungeon-delving equipment.


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Mummies and Bombs

Stardew Valley Mummies Bomb

Destroying mummies for good is a two-step process. The first step is the same as it is for almost every other kind of monster: hit it with a weapon until it drops. However, while other monsters explode when their hit points drop to zero, mummies will only collapse to the ground. Ten seconds later, the mummy will climb back to its feet with full health and start attacking you again.

Regular weapons “miss” a downed mummy, and so the only way to defeat it for good is with an explosion. Any type of bomb will work, including cherry bombs, normal bombs, mega bombs, and even explosive slingshot ammo. The only difference is how big the bomb’s radius is, and thus, how many downed mummies you can catch at once.

However, you should be aware that explosions can only kill downed mummies. If a mummy manages to regenerate before your bomb goes off, it’ll deal a normal amount of damage to the mummy and won’t destroy it. You’ll need to knock down the mummy again and set another bomb if you want to destroy it.

There’s one other way to kill mummies, at least for players who have reached the end of the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. One of the random weapon enchantments is called “Crusader.” Not only does this give the weapon extra damage against undead monsters, but it also destroys mummies without the need for explosives.

Why Bother Killing Mummies?

Stardew Valley Mummies Collapsed

Mummies are slow enough to avoid, and your goal in the Skull Cavern is usually to descend as fast as possible rather than to kill enemies. So why should players go after them?

The biggest reason is because of the Monster Eradication Goals in the Adventurer’s Guild. Unlike many other monster types, mummies don’t share a category with other monsters (aside from the tougher version of the mummy in the Dangerous Skull Cavern). You need to destroy 100 mummies to complete the goal, and knocking down a mummy doesn’t count. Completing this goal gives you the Arcane Hat, plus it gets you that much closer to Perfection.

Another reason to destroy mummies is because they drop some pretty good items. In order of rarity, a mummy can drop:

  • 1-2 Solar Essences
  • 1-2 Cloth
  • Miner’s Treat
  • Curiosity Lure
  • Red Cabbage Seeds
  • Dwarf Scroll IV
  • 1-2 Prismatic Shards
  • Diamond

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