• Horizon Forbidden West has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, but fans are still eager for a Bloodborne port.
  • Nixxes Software, known for high-quality PC ports, has brought Horizon Forbidden West to PC successfully.
  • Fans continue to hope for a Bloodborne port or a potential remake, but for now, the game remains a PlayStation exclusive.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently enjoying a “Very Positive” overall rating on Steam with thousands of reviews counted so far, but many of those reviews are asking Sony to port Bloodborne. Horizon Forbidden West is the latest installment in the open world franchise from Sony and Guerrilla Games. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the first PlayStation games to make the jump to PC, and many PC gamers have been anticipating its sequel ever since.

Horizon Forbidden West was timed-exclusive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but it’s finally made its way to PC. The Horizon Forbidden West PC port appears to have gone off without a hitch as Steam users have praised its performance and visuals. But while the Horizon Forbidden West PC reviews have been mostly positive, there are some Steam users who are using the opportunity to call for a Bloodborne port.


Horizon Forbidden West PC Requirements Revealed

Just weeks away from its highly anticipated launch, players can now check the system requirements to play Horizon Forbidden West on PC.

There are numerous reviews on Horizon Forbidden West‘s Steam page that praise the game, but finish up by calling for Sony to finally port Bloodborne to PC. FromSoftware has a dedicated fanbase on PC, and those gamers have access to the vast majority of the studio’s most popular games. There are two big exceptions to that rule, with Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls remaining PlayStation exclusives at the time of this writing. Fans particularly want to see Bloodborne ported to PC, but the long-awaited port still has not been announced.

PC Gamers Want Bloodborne on Steam

Horizon Forbidden West port studio Nixxes Software has been praised for its high-quality PC ports for years. Sony acquired the studio in 2021, and since then it has brought Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales to PC along with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and other games. The next PlayStation-to-PC port coming from Nixxes is Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, with the beloved Sucker Punch game coming to PC on May 16.

Fans are hoping for Nixxes to bring Bloodborne to PC, but since nothing to that effect has been announced, they shouldn’t hold their breath. Others want to see something more ambitious when it comes to reviving Bloodborne. Fans have held out hope for a Bloodborne remake or remaster, but one still has yet to materialize, nearly a decade after the original was released.

Time will tell if Bloodborne ever leaves the PS4, but in the meantime, those that want to relive that game have the perfect opportunity to do so. The Bloodborne Return to Yharnam event for 2024 is taking place from March 24 to April 7, and it marks the perfect opportunity for newcomers and longtime fans alike to revisit the game. They will just have to do so on a PS4 or a PS5, as Bloodborne is still not available for PC.

horizon forbidden west

Horizon Forbidden West
February 18, 2022


T for Teen: Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence

How Long To Beat
29 Hours


PS Plus Availability
Extra & Premium


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