Super Mario Maker 2 receives its first new update in over a year, which implements minor changes to improve the overall player experience.


  • Super Mario Maker 2’s new update brings small tweaks and bug fixes to enhance the player experience.
  • Nintendo’s continued support with minor updates shows an interest in supporting the game even years after its release.
  • While it’s unclear if a sequel will happen, fans can still enjoy the endless creative possibilities of Super Mario Maker 2.

Though Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker 2 received its last major update back in 2020, the new 3.0.3 update recently made available for the game brings a variety of small tweaks to the popular level builder and platformer title. The vast array of tools and endless potential for creativity offered by Super Mario Maker 2 means that the game will undoubtedly remain popular among Super Mario fans for a long time to come, even without the addition of new features and tools to play with.

Still, it can only be good news that Nintendo is continuing to support the title with new minor updates even all these years after its initial release. While Super Mario Maker 2‘s final significant content update was released in April 2020, bringing with it a sizable variety of new enemies, power-ups, and game modes, several smaller patches have also been consistently released for the game in the years since. While such updates don’t bring features quite so exciting, they do focus on fixing bugs and generally improving the player experience, while also demonstrating an interest in supporting the game to some extent.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder Calls for a Late Update to Another Mario Game

With Nintendo bringing new content to some titles long after release, Super Mario Bros. Wonder could herald additional DLC for another Mario title.

As of February 6th 2024, version 3.0.3 of Super Mario Maker 2 is live and available for all players to download. This update appears to be so tiny that Nintendo didn’t even detail the changes it brought, with the only patch note claiming that the update made multiple adjustments to accommodate a more pleasant gaming experience. Data miners have taken it upon themselves to discover the exact changes that were made, but in all likelihood, the patch would have fixed various bugs affecting gameplay and stability. That said, bug fixes can be something of a double-edged sword for level designers, as some Super Mario Maker 2 players create amazing levels using certain exploits.

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The Super Mario community has enjoyed various new titles in the series since Super Mario Maker 2‘s release, perhaps most notably Super Mario Bros. Wonder which released back in October. That said, it’s still up in the air whether fans will ever see a sequel to Super Mario Maker 2 in the future.

While it’s not yet clear what Nintendo fans should expect from the company’s next Direct event, rumors running rampant in the community suggest that a Nintendo Direct will be taking place in the very near future.

Latest update: Ver. 3.0.3 (Released February 6, 2024)


  • Made adjustments to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2

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