Even if it’s not feeling very spring-like outdoors just yet, the season is off to a great start with all of the fresh deals coming out of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, which kicked off yesterday and runs all week until March 25, offering dozens and dozens of fresh sales on accessories, tech, appliances, and more.

This week’s sale is expected to bring some nice savings on highly-sought items like a PlayStation 5 bundle and excellent video game titles, including some editions of Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia. Gamers shopping this year’s Big Spring Sale on a tight budget, don’t feel left out; this guide compiles some great sales under $50. While the big-ticket items and hottest brands may not offer a lot at this threshold, there’s still tons to peruse in the non-budget-busting category, with scores in peripherals, desk accessories, and more.

Sweet keyboard and mice deals under $50

  • Geezer Wired USB Keyboard

    $14 $27 Save $13

    Snag this simple wired keyboard for 50% off during the Amazon Spring Sale this week. Geezer’s USB-wired keyboard doesn’t offer a ton of flashy gaming features, but its cute, retro typewriter-esque keys and pastel color schemes offer a chic addition to any desktop setup. This is a full-size keyboard including a tenkey portion. The sale specifically includes the purple and white wired rendition, but its offered in over a dozen other color configurations (plus wireless options, although latency at this price range may be an issue) that may be included in the discount. This is a lightning deal, so act fast! Available while supplies last today, March 21.

  • Dacoity Wired Gaming Keyboard

    Dacoity Gaming Keyboard

    $29 $50 Save $21

    Whether you’re a beginner gamer that doesn’t want to make sizable investments early on, or whether you’re just shopping on a budget, the Dacoity wired gaming keyboard and mouse duo is a viable combo to consider. The full-size tenkey board and accompanying mouse offer sleek RGB lighting (not fully customizable as with higher-end peripherals, but there are still two illumination modes to choose from). The mouse is fully programmable on Windows, with options to adjust the DPI (max 4200) and polling. Normally offered as $50 for the pair, this combo is available for $29 during the Spring Sale. This is a lightning deal, so act fast! Available while supplies last today, March 21.

  • Uisomph Wireless Mouse

    Uiosmuph Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse

    $10 $13 Save $3

    This basic mouse from Uismuph won’t impress any MMORPG warlords, but it’s cheap, easy to use, and did we mention cheap? There isn’t a suite of customizable buttons, but its slim profile and long battery life is great for players that enjoy low-stakes titles, like sims. This 2.4GHz LED-lit mouse is on sale in several colors for $10 from $13 until March 24.

In most cases, keyboard and mice options from familiar gaming brands like SteelSeries and Razer cost less than $200 per device, with a good chunk of those even costing close to if not less than $100. But if you really want to keep your costs down, these options we selected from the Amazon Spring Sale are great contenders. The Geezer keyboard isn’t exactly feature-rich, but its aesthetic can’t be beat. And Dacoity’s keyboard-mouse duo is an excellent match-up for beginner gamers, or simple gaming setups in a space like a dorm room.

A notable deal on mice today comes from Uiosmuph, which offers a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse for just $10. Its specs won’t blow you away, but its affordability will.

Spring Sale deals under $50 on consoles and controllers

  • Oivo PS4 Controller Charging Dock

    Oivo PS4 Controller Charging Dock

    $13 $20 Save $7

    Cut out the hassle of managing multiple charging cables with this PS4 controller dock from Oivo. It fits two standard DualShock 4 wireless controllers, and gasses them up to fully charged in less than two hours. This dock also features LED indicators on the front that show when the controllers are fully charged. Normally $20, Oivo’s charging dock is available for $13 during the Spring Sale, as a Lightning Deal on March 21 only.

  • NYI Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement

    NYI Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement

    $25 $36 Save $11

    If you need to change the battery in your Nintendo Switch, the battery repalcement kit from NYI is your necessary companion. The kit includes a compatible high-capacity battery, a precision screwdriver, 3M adhesive, and a scraper tool for removing the old battery. Note that this kit is meant for the Nintendo Switch HAC-001, which is the non-OLED version. The Spring Sale offers a $11 discount off the kit’s regular price of $36.

  • Oivo XSX Controller Charger Station

    OIVO XSX Controller Charger Station

    $22 $28 Save $6

    There’s nothing to kill the mood like a dead battery. Keep your Xbox controllers gassed up with the Oivo XSX Controller Charger Station. This bundle includes one charging dock, plus two rechargable battery packs compatible with Xbox Series and Xbox One Elite/Core Controllers. Normally $28, the Amazon Spring Sale offers this station for $21 now through March 24.

  • TaddToy 16 Bit Handheld Gaming Console

    TaddToy 16 Bit Handheld Console

    $16 $33 Save $17

    If there’s a budding gamer in your life, this 16-Bit Handheld Console from TaddToy is a great way to kickstart their journey. At barely over $30 even for full price and with a closed system of preset games, parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this console doesn’t pose the usual risks of using an internet-accessing console, and that this is a financially feasible investment to gift their kids. During March 21’s Lighting Deals, snack the TaddToy in red or blue for 50% off.

The best console accessory deals for this year’s spring shopping blitz are still emerging, with more expected later this week. While it goes without saying that no actual big-name consoles will be discounted to an under-$50 price point (shop at your own risk if you do find any), there will probably be more deals on individual controllers and charging setups.

For now, there’s a nice discount on a PS4 controller charging dock from Oivo, which quickly brings each controller’s battery to a full charge in less than 2 hours. The same brand offers a charging station dedicated to Xbox controllers, which includes a couple spare batteries to boot.

The Best Spring Sale Desk Accessory Deals Under $50

  • WQBZSYY RGB Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

    WQBZSYY RGB Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

    $23 $28 Save $5

    This RGB gaming mousepad brings a lot to the table with a fairly affordable price tag attached. Bordered by vibrant, customizable lighting, players can easily switch between six light modes, 14 colors, and up to 80 different RGB effects. Additionally, this stylish desk mat includes a wireless charging pad perfect for powering devices at 40% faster speeds than other wireless chargers. With a simple USB power cord, the 15W charger and LED lights can be fully powered either through a PC or an outlet.

  • Razer Seiren Mini USB Condenser Microphone

    Razer Seiren Mini USB Condenser Microphone

    $38 $50 Save $12

    The Razer Seiren Mini USB Condenser Microphone is a compact and easy-to-use mic for casual gamers. It features ultra-precise pickup technology, plus a 14mm condenser capsule and flat response frequency, keeping the user’s voice crisp and clear. This mic is currently on sale for $38, $12 off its full price until March 23. The pink one is on sale, too!

  • SightPro 24-inch Monitor Privacy Screen

    SightPro 24-inch Monitor Privacy Screen

    $50 $66 Save $16

    We can’t condone playing games at work (unless you work for Game Rant), but this 24-inch privacy screen keeps wandering eyes from landing on your monitor. It also offers glare resistance and UV ray protection, to prolong the life of your screen. This size of privacy screen is normally $66, but offered for $50 during the Spring Sale. SightPro’s many other monitor sizes, ranging from 13.3-inch up to 27-inch, may be included in the discount, too.

  • Neo Chair Ergonomic Office Chair

    NEO CHAIR ergonomic office chair

    $42 $85 Save $43

    While not the absolute best chair in the world (those can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars), the NEO Chair Ergonomic Office Chair works in a pinch, if you’re looking to furnish a beginner gaming setup, a dorm room, a rental, or just a budget-friendly office. Made of breathable mesh and plush foam, this chair doesn’t sacrifice comfort to meet its price point. While it’s avialable in multiple colors, the black option is what’s included in Amazon’s Spring Sale (and is offered at 50% off its listing price of $85).

  • Wali Single Monitor Stand

    Wali Single Monitor Stand

    $20 $35 Save $15

    Elevating your monitor is one of the best ways to declutter a crowded desk. This single monitor stand from Wali holds monitors up to 32 inches in size. Its universal mounting hardware ensures compatibility with most major products, including those from HP, Acer, and LG. Mounting holes range from 75 mm to 100mm in size. As part of today’s Lightning Deals (March 21), this stand is offered for $15 off its regular price of $35.

Sure, every desk setup needs its more obvious components, like a monitor and a CPU. But it’s the smaller accessories that complete your gaming or general office space, and that’s exactly what Game Rant kept in mind when compiling this group. Amazon offers a wide selection of desk accessories at a discount this spring, but one major standout is Razer’s Seiren Mini USB Condenser Microphone; score this if you’re a budding streamer, do a lot of casual co-op playing, or need something compact and easy to use for virtual classes or meetings.

Need a desk chair for cheap? Neo Chair’s ergonomic office chair in black already costs less than $100, but the spring sale brings that cost down by half, to barely over $40. And if you need to free up some desktop real estate, snag Wali’s computer monitor arm, which is compatible with virtually any monitor up to 32 inches in size and installs in a jiffy.

Spring into warmer weather with these audio scores under $50

  • Edifier W600BT Wireless Headphones

    Edifier W600BT

    $34 $40 Save $6

    Edifier offers tons of budget-friendly options in the audio territory. These W600BT Wireless Headphones may not feature a bunch of gaming tailored specs (no RGB lighting, oh no!) but they do offer 40mm drivers, 30 hours of playtime, and Bluetooth 5.1. This sale is part of March 21’s Lightning Deals, and offers the W600BTs for a 15% discount.

  • Zonwoo Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

    Zonwoo Wireless Earbuds

    $17 $70 Save $53

    Looking for a cheap pair of backup earbuds? This option from Zonwoo normally retails for $70, but is on sale today during Amazon’s Spring Sale for just $17. They feature Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, an IPX5 water resistant rating, and an LED display that reads out the buds’ battery life. User ratings say the sound quality is solid, too, with a sleek and modern profile.

  • Eksa Fenrir S Wired Gaming Headset

    Eksa Fenrir S Gaming Headset

    $34 $40 Save $6

    The Eksa Fenrir S Wired Gaming Headset is offered during the March 21 Lightning Deals for 15% off its listing price of $40. This headset is compatible with PlayStation and Xbox Series consoles, plus Nintendo Switch and PC. It offers noise cancelation, super plush cans, and RGB lighting.

  • KZ ZS10 IEM Earbuds

    KZ ZS10 Pro Steel HiFi IEM

    $38 $45 Save $7

    If you’ve been looking for a sign to get into IEMs, let these great entry-level in-ear monitors be that omen. On sale for 15% off during the March 21 Lightning Deals, these gaming-tailored IEMs pack five drivers under the hood, an impressive frequency range, and super durable stainless steel. This sale specifically applies to the purple version of these headphones, but may include other colors.

  • Gtheos 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones

    Gtheos 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

    $35 $45 Save $10

    Gtheos offers a great choice for a cheap, low-latency wireless gaming headset this shopping season. Featuring 2.4GHz Bluetooth connectivity, stereo sound, and noise cancelation, this headset packs a ton of value into an under-$50 price. It’s wirelessly compatible with PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and can be used wired with the Xbox Series family. This headset is offered for 20% off today, bringing the price down to $36.

Placeholder When it comes to audio devices included in the Amazon Big Spring Sale, there’s certainly an overwhelming amount of options. You’ll see plenty of choices from familiar brands like Razer and Anker, but don’t overlook the dozens of selections offered under the $50 threshold.

The KZ ZS10s can’t be beat as an entry-level in-ear monitor choice, for their five-driver array and quality stainless steel build. There’s also the super affordable wirless gaming headset from Gtheos, best for PlayStation and PC players. And we can’t forget to mention the insane discount on the Zonwoo water resistant earbuds, which look a bit OG Airpods inspired but for a fraction of the price.


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