Finding the best gaming chair ensures that you can have the longest, most comfortable gaming session possible. While traditional office chairs continue to be popular first picks, more and more gamers are starting to realize they may need to pay more attention to ergonomics rather than style. Gaming chairs are often more stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic than standard office chairs.

However, there is not a single PC chair with universal appeal, or one chair that fits the contours of every back perfectly, regardless of whether it was designed for gaming or the office. Whether a gamer is short, tall, or only has a small budget to work with, there is a perfect gaming chair out there that meets any criteria.


Who Makes The Best Gaming Chairs?

There are tons of gaming chair brands to choose from, but is there one that stands out above the rest?

The best gaming chairs can range in price from less than $200 to up to $2000. Generally, more expensive gaming chairs are made with premium materials that resist cracks and tears, and as a result, come with longer warranties. Even so, some cheap gaming chairs can survive years of gaming, while others serve better as decoration. Game Rant has picked out the best gaming chairs of 2024 and collected them here, focusing on style, comfort, ergonomics, and price.

Updated on June 10, 2024 by Megan Miranda Reyes: 2024 has brought a few new players to the gaming chair field, while some others are finally getting a chance to really shine. Budget gamers get a bit more breathing room with our newest choice, while large players and gamers who prefer mesh chairs have new top picks as well.

Game Rant’s Picks for the Best Gaming Chairs in 2024

Our pick for the best gaming chair is Secretlab’s Titan Evo. The latest iteration of the iconic PC gaming chair leads the pack when it comes to offering a premium yet relatively affordable chair. Starting at $599 directly from the Secretlab website, the company allows players to easily customize their purchase with four different upholstery options (three available at the time of writing) that include leather and fabric. These can then be customized with as many as 57 different color options, making it truly the most customizable option on our list.


The Best Secretlab Gaming Chairs in 2024

With the Titan and Omega, Secretlab has two main gaming chair models. However, discover why the buying process is more complicated than it seems.

With a 165-degree-tilting full-length backrest coupled with 4D metal armrests that can be replaced on a whim, the Titan Evo is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. And to keep your back happy for years, it comes equipped with a four-way lumbar support system branded as L-ADAPT, backed by a generous three-year warranty that can be extended to five when purchasing directly from the site. Not only will you be getting our favorite gaming chair, but your purchase will be protected for years to come.

Different neck pillows and armrests with various levels of padding are available at Secretlab’s website. Offering an unmatched degree of customization and available in many different sizes and colors, the Secretlab Titan Evo is the best gaming chair sold today. Even in Game Rant’s hands-on review, the chair was found to be supremely ergonomic, especially given the plethora of customization options.

GTPlayer’s line of gaming chairs may not be the most spectacular, but they are some of the most affordable. This gaming chair from GTPlayer is almost always on sale for around $100, often with a coupon available through Amazon, making it one of the cheapest gaming chairs you can possibly find in adult sizes.

That low cost means that the faux leather used on the chair isn’t the most durable. It will likely start to peel after more than a year of use, but that’s not the worst thing in the world, especially considering other, more expensive gaming chairs have the same issue. Along with pricing, GTPlayer makes up for its shortcomings with a variety of lucrative features. The chair has thick padding on the seat and back, plus side wings that help keep your spine and hips aligned. In case you don’t want to practice good posture, there’s also a footrest under the seat ready for lounging. On top of that, two pillows are included to add support for your head and lumbar area, with the lumbar pillow providing a massage function. That pillow does need to be plugged in, but any USB hub should do.

Gamers in search of a good PC chair on a budget will be hard-pressed to find a better, lower-priced option than the GTPlayer gaming chair.

In 2020, Razer finally gave in to demand and released its first gaming chair, which today is our choice for the best mid-range gaming chair. With the brand’s trademark green and black styling that perfectly matches its popular mice, keyboards, and headsets, the Razer Iskur is a cheap and medium-sized chair for gamers who are 5’6″ to 6’0″ tall with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Unlike some other PC gaming chairs that employ detachable lumbar support pillows, this Razer gaming chair has built-in support for the lower back that curves outward from the chair. This design, along with high-density foam throughout the chair that’s tuned for a perfect balance between firmness and comfort, keeps you sitting in the same comfortable position for hours on end with no aches or pains.

Compared to the more budget-friendly Razer Iskur X, the original Iskur is a more customizable gaming chair with its lumber support system, 4D armrests, and adjustable headrest. However, if you try the Iskur X first and find that the chair is more in sync with your needs, the added expense may seem unnecessary.

Nothing about Herman Miller’s chairs screams affordable, so it’s no surprise to see them as our choice for the best premium gaming chair in 2024. That means any gamer purchasing the Michigan-based company’s first foray into the market should only expect the best, which is exactly what they’ll get with Herman Miller’s collaboration with Logitech’s G product lineup.

The Herman Miller Embody is often considered a benchmark for office chairs. The Logitech branding is just the icing on top of a very well-rounded product from a company that has years of experience making high-quality office furniture. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair matches everything an Embody chair does right but couples it with an additional layer of foam to add comfort for those long gaming sessions, relying on copper-infused cooling foam that prevents heat build-up from the same.

Undoubtedly, style is an important factor when shopping for a gaming chair, but the ergonomic qualities of any selection can impact a gamer’s health. The best ergonomic gaming chair encourages you to maintain a sitting posture that reduces back, leg, and neck pain. The Vertagear SL5800 is a gaming chair that accomplishes this mission in some innovative ways, and it was the best ergonomic gaming chair we tested.

Many PC gaming chairs offer adjustable lumbar support systems to conform to the position and shape of a gamer’s lower back. The Vertagear SL5800 takes a different approach with its ContourMax system, which uses memory foam and embedded plastic pieces that move to match the sitting position of a gamer. The ContourMax eliminates some of the guesswork involved with finding a comfortable level of lumbar support. Also, to counter the heat that inevitably builds into seat cushions, the SL5800 has a VertaAir seat with air pillars that allow for enhanced ventilation at the bottom of the chair.

The Vertagear SL5800 is a gaming chair that is generally more comfortable for reasonably tall and slender gamers. The weight capacity of 250 lbs is somewhat less than other chairs in this price range, but Vertagear offers several similar models (like the VL4800 and PL6800) that are better suited for larger gamers. Even so, available in many different colors and with an optional RGB lighting kit, the Vertagear SL5800 ranks among the best chairs for gaming with its unique ergonomic characteristics.

Vertagear has upped its game recently, and its new chairs have an even greater focus on comfort and ergonomics than before. The PL6800 gaming chair is the perfect example of this, as it is specially designed to support big and tall gamers up to 400 pounds. It’s not just the max weight capacity that makes this chair stand out either.

The chair seat and back are slightly wider than most other gaming chairs, with reduced side wings that help players really stretch out and get comfortable. While side wings usually help with posture, so many big and tall gamers say they only get in the way that Vertagear focused instead on providing support in other areas of the chair.

The back of the chair has unique, flexible lumbar support modules that run up through the lower and middle sections, responding to movement and different body types to deliver excellent ergonomic support. At the same time, the seat is filled with Vertagear’s “sit bones,” which are oblong cylinders made with high-grade foam and placed to prevent pain at known pressure points along your thighs and hips.

The chair uses a blend of synthetic leather and fabric to increase both durability and comfort while still creating quite a bit of breathability. Additionally, Vertagear has used HygennX fabric, which is an antimicrobial material, to cut down on stains and smells over time.

All of these features come with a price tag of less than $500 when on sale, and not much more when at full price, making Vertagear’s PL6800 the best gaming chair for big and tall players in 2024.

Our choice for the best RGB gaming chair is the Downix RGB gaming chair. With this chair, you can fully be immersed in your gaming sessions thanks to the remote-controlled RGB lights. It has at least 225 RGB preset modes, enabling users to select the kind of atmosphere they want. The RGB lighting also makes the battling station look more premium, unique, and impressive.

The Dowinx PC gaming chair has a relaxation control that allows it to recline to angles between 90 degrees and 135 degrees. So, you can adjust your preferred angle for working, unwinding, or gaming. Anything that works for you is possible with this chair, making it very versatile. Additionally, its three-dimensional arms are adjustable upwards, downwards, to the left, or the right, providing comfort to the elbows.

Sihoo has come out swinging against other ergonomic mesh chairs. Even though it isn’t technically a gaming chair, the Doro S300 is one of the best mesh chairs that PC players can get their hands on right now. The three panels along the back can all be adjusted to fit your back, neck, and head perfectly, with a waterfall edge along the top being perfect for leaning back against.

The contoured mesh panels match up well with the similarly carved armrests, which can be adjusted in six different directions, rather than the more standard four. Plus, the sturdy metal base can support up to 330 pounds at once, making it ideal for most users.

The Doro S300 ergonomic chair comes in both black and white, although they don’t have much in the way of style and look fairly plain. However, this does mean that Sihoo’s ergonomic mesh chair is suitable for both gaming spaces and office environments, further expanding its usability. Overall, if you’re in search of a great mesh chair for your gaming setup, the Doro S300 is going to check every box, keeping you comfortable through hundreds of hours of gameplay.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a purchase that is expected to last for years, but how can players know which chair is right for them when there are hundreds of options available? Picking a chair from a trusted brand is a great place to start, but that’s far from the only factor. Players should seriously consider just a few things before choosing a gaming chair that matches their style.


Best Luxury Gaming Chairs in 2024

A great gaming chair is a thing of beauty, and premium seats only up the ante. Here are the best luxury gaming chairs so far in 2024!

  • Size: Most gaming chairs are designed to fit a wide variety of people, but recently higher-end chair companies have been developing different sizes to better suit each body type. By making these changes, players can feel even more comfortable in their chairs because it fits them. When looking at gaming chairs, check the suggested height for the chair. Most chairs are built for people between 5’5” and 6′, though players outside these sizes can find better options by browsing gaming chairs marked XS or XL. These sizes also often indicate maximum weight capacity. Again, the majority of gaming chairs are built with a maximum weight capacity of 200 to 300 pounds. XS chairs tend to cap out at 225 pounds, while XL chairs tend to support between 350 pounds and 400 pounds.
  • Cost: Naturally, price is an important factor when choosing a gaming chair, especially considering all of the available options. For example, those choosing an XL gaming chair will spend more on average, while players buying an XS chair will spend less than average. For the most part, gaming costs are directly reflective of the quality of the chair. Don’t buy a chair at a great price based on looks alone; it will likely break down sooner rather than later. On the other hand, spending too much on a chair can be possible too, depending on how soon the chair will be replaced due to personal taste or if the chair comes with unnecessary extras.
  • Material: The type of upholstery players prefer, be it leather, fabric, or mesh, will be a major determinant when choosing a new gaming chair. Few options combine these types of upholstery, so players will have to decide on one. Leather, or more often, EPU (a high-quality synthetic leather), is considered the most premium and durable option, but its breathability isn’t the best. Mesh is the best option for breathability, but it is very delicate and often isn’t on par with current ergonomic designs. The fabric offers a good balance between breathability and durability but is very susceptible to stains and long-term wear and tear. Ultimately, unless a player needs lots of cooling, leather or fabric is the way to go, and the choice is largely up to personal preference.
  • Style: Before purchasing a gaming chair, players should consider what kind of style they want. Racing-style gaming chairs have big side wings that some gamers find constricting. Alternatively, there are some chairs with fairly minimalist designs that let users stretch out but don’t have much going on visually. This is a simple factor of personal preference, but it’s still important since gaming chairs catch the eye in a room and are used very frequently.


The Best Gaming Desks under $300 in 2024

A list of the best gaming desks under $300 that are perfect for gamers on a budget.


Q: What is the best brand for a gaming chair?

There are quite a number of reliable gaming chair brands. SecretLab, Razar, and DXRacer are among the list of best brands to buy from. Aside from a reputation for making quality chairs, they’ve each grown a vast customer base. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore other brands, though.

Q: How do I choose a gaming chair?

Brand typically comes first. If you’re familiar with a brand or two, it’s worth checking out their current stock to see if there’s a match. Beyond that, you should consider the cost of gaming chairs especially when you have a strict budget. Getting to know the build quality, particularly the materials used to make the chair, should shed more light on durability. It never hurts to read reviews from previous owners and also compare user ratings.

Q: Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

It boils down to the materials used to make them. Another reason is the added features like armrests and adjustable headrests. Manufacturers consider these things when setting prices. However, one thing to note about gaming chairs built with quality materials is that durability is one of their value propositions.

Q: Are gaming chairs healthy?

Yes. Although remaining immobile for a long period can cause serious discomfort and numbness, ergonomic gaming chairs tackle these health risks. Getting an ergonomic chair improves posture, tackles the issue of poor blood circulation, and much more. Besides, features like adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and neck support play a vital role in improving the gamer’s overall health too.


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