Here are the tips and tricks players can use to efficiently complete the Stay Hidden for 300 Seconds Challenge in The Finals.

The Finals is an exciting FPS multiplayer shooter that gives you the opportunity to play with friends and participate in a televised virtual combat game show. Following the pattern of many other multiplayer games, The Finals regularly introduces weekly challenges for players to take part in and get their hands on XP.

One challenge of this week, The Covert Operator Challenge requires players to stay hidden for 300 seconds. While being hidden may seem like a child’s play, some beginners can still find it hard to do this, since there are some tactics and strategies that you must use to ensure hassle-free completion. The guide below addresses the completion of this challenge in detail.


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How to Hide for 300 Seconds in The Finals

Choosing the Correct Loadout

A Contestant of The Light Build in The Finals, having one of the best Light Gadgets and Guns

To start with, you must equip yourself with a light loadout and a Cloaking Device. As the name implies, the Cloaking Device is a Specialization in The Finals that can help players maintain stealth. Given the naturally low HP provided by the build, using a light build with a cloaking device comes in handy.

To choose a light build with a Cloaking device, follow the steps given below:

  • Select Contestants from the menus.
  • Choose a new light build.
  • From the Specialization Card, select the Cloaking Device.

When to Use the Cloaking Device

The Cloaking Device can be used at any time, but it is mainly recommended when you’re exposed to nearby enemies, and there’s a risk of getting spotted. Here are some tips for using it:

  • Players should use the device when not being surrounded by numerous enemies. This reduces the chances of being spotted easily, ensuring a smooth completion of the contract.
  • If you are playing with friends or teammates with whom they have smooth communication, you can ask them for cover. This helps ensure a smooth completion and decreases your chances of exposure while trying to hide.

Tips to Remain Hidden with the Cloaking Device


While the Cloaking Device is effective in ensuring a player’s invisible to the enemies, it doesn’t guarantee complete efficiency in certain cases. The following points can help you in navigating such circumstances:

  • While the Cloaking Device is active, players must ensure that they’re completely still. During motion, players become mildly visible to nearby enemies.
  • Another thing to be cautious about is the AOE (area-of-effect) damages such as gas mines or explosives. If players run into either of these, they’ll become visible to their nearby opponents and lose the contract.

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December 8, 2023

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