The MSI Claw has officially arrived, as the base model of MSI’s Core Ultra-powered handheld gaming machine is now available from MSI’s website for $699.

There are two other higher-specced models, too, but they’re listed as coming on March 12th. Here’s how the three models stack up:

You can also preorder all three MSI Claw models from Newegg, with availability starting March 15th. Preorders on Newegg come with a couple of freebies, including a Skull and Bones standard edition game code and Xbox Game Pass free for one month.

The MSI Claw also has an Intel Arc graphics chip with eight Xe-cores, a 53Wh battery with two hours of battery life, and Hall effect triggers and joysticks, which should save you from having to deal with stick drift. It comes with some other handy features as well, including a power button with a fingerprint sensor, a microSD slot, and a Thunderbolt 4 port.


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