If you can’t get enough of the thrilling Netflix series, The Night Agent, you’ll want to pick up some of these great novels with a similar vibe.

In only one season and 10 episodes, The Night Agent has already recorded substantial success. The reception after the series came out on March 23, 2023, was mind-blowing. It emerged as the sixth most viewed show on Netflix, and barely a week after it was out, it was renewed for its second season.


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Based on the novel by Matthew Quirk, fans of The Night Agent love its suspenseful plot, intricate character development, and character-driven drama. The fast-paced and dangerous layers of conspiracy within the story also add another layer, making it an irresistible, mind-rattling thriller. Apart from the obvious choice, which is the original novel by Quirk itself, there are quite a few other books that offer the same level of action and thrills.

  • Red Warning Matthew Quirk

    Red Warning by Matthew Quirk (2022)

    Starting with the one author who has proven himself worthy to be on this list—Matthew Quirk. He delivers again here in Red Warning with a page-turner that delivers an intense and unpredictable narrative. There is no way to read this book without getting gripped by it and it has all the elements needed to create a literary adventure. The stakes are high, the danger looms even nearer, and one man has to save the day and himself. There is only one problem: you might be unable to put it down.

  • The Fix David Baldacci

    The Fix by David Baldacci (2017)

    David Baldacci, the Author of this masterpiece continues to leave his permanent footprints on the literary landscape. His work showcases his mastery of storytelling, and The Fix is not left out. Readers are taken on a journey with Amos Decker on embark on a quest to save the United States. Associated Press had this to say about the book—that it’s “a perfect ‘fix’ for the thriller aficionado.”

  • Wolf Trap Connor Sullivan

    Wolf Sky by Connor Sullivan (2023)

    If you’re a fan of thrilling narratives and well-crafted suspense, which all fans of The Night Agent are, then Wolf Trap is a must-read. It’s a tale about a branch of the CIA that doesn’t exist but must rise to save the day – a tale of a man who must confront his past. This complex, espionage novel deserves to be on the to-be-read pile of the fans who can’t get enough of The Night Agent. It’s time to meet even more spies, politicians, and of course, terrorists.

  • The Collector By Daniel Silva

    The Collector by Daniel Silva (2023)

    It’s time to add art to the mix with this best-seller, The Collector, by Daniel Silva. The best thing about this book? It’s fiction birthed from fact. That is to say, the narrative unfolds during the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine. This book also debuted at #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list. One missing art piece ties a deadly conspiracy together. Now, there’s only one thing that must be done: stop the plot.

  • Deep State by Chris Hauty

    Deep State by Chris Hauty (2020)

    Peek into the shadowy world of government secrets, political intrigue, and espionage in Deep State. This gripping political thriller is a rollercoaster of suspense. A newly elected president causes hostility between the people and the unexpected and somewhat suspicious death of an important aide. Hayley Chill might be the only person who believes there’s more to that death than natural causes and he takes it upon himself to get all his questions answered. Like The Night Agent, the twist in this book has jaws dropping and there’s only one way to join that conversation – grab a copy now.

  • The Firm John Grisham

    The Firm by John Grisham (1991)

    Would this list be complete without the renowned legal thriller author, John Grisham? Of course not. There are secrets to uncover, and once again, no one to trust. This high-stakes, legal thriller is packed with twists, turns, suspense, and the truth no one sees coming. A year after the release of this bestseller, it was adapted into a movie, and by 1993, it had grossed a total of $270 million (Giant Freakin Robot).

  • The Investigator John Sandford

    The Investigator (Letty Davenport, #1) by John Sandford (2022)

    The first book in the Letty Davenport series introduces Letty, who is set to become the lethally dangerous heroine everyone’s been waiting for. It, however, takes more than just boredom and restlessness to achieve that. Letty Davenport isn’t new to the life of crime and action, but when she’s given a case to investigate, she and her partner, John Kaiser, soon discover that what they signed up for is nothing compared to what they have coming. This book is called one of Sandford’s best books in years by Publishers Weekly.


  • The End Game Catherine Coulter

    The End Game by Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison (2015)

    All it takes to get the action and thrills in this masterpiece is one tip that comes in the form of a call, and that is just one of many similarities between The End Game and The Night Agent. FBI agents must find a way to solve the cases despite all the looming disasters that now lurk in every corner of this must-read. The End Game is the third book in the A Brit in the FBI series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. There’s nothing in the way of what may just become one of your favorite spy/thriller books.

  • The Night Agent Matthew Quirk

    The Night Agent by Matthew Quirk (2019)

    Matthew Quirk gets another spot on this stellar list. Chances are, you’ve only watched the Netflix series, but it’s time to experience the magic beyond the TV screen! This isn’t just for the fans who can’t get enough of the hit show, it’s for those who crave a more intimate relationship with their favorite characters and want to rediscover the story in its original written brilliance.

  • I Am Pilgrim Terry Hayes

    I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes (2013)

    I Am Pilgrim is Terry Hayes’s debut novel, and it’s the work he’s most known for. What Terry Hayes delivers in this 700-page captivating read is rich detail and a closer look into the secret wars fought daily in the interest of national security. When Pilgrim’s book on forensic pathology is used to cover up murders, the former intelligence agent makes it his duty to stop the impending doom. I Am Pilgrim is another classic book to watch out for on the big screen, although it’s been delayed for years.

  • MixCollage-24-Jan-2024-10-07-AM-6464

    The Charm School by Nelson DeMille (1988)

    The Charm School takes readers into the world of spies and even deeper into the heart of Cold War-era Russia. Here, every chapter unravels a new layer of mystery, leaving readers unable to drop the story once they’ve started the journey. The author, Nelson Demille, is a decorated United States Army veteran(1966-69) who saw action in Vietnam, and in 2015, they were chosen as Thriller Master of the Year.

  • MixCollage-24-Jan-2024-10-10-AM-156

    The Edge by David Baldacci (2023)

    Another exciting tale from David Baldacci in the 6:20 Man series, The Edge sees the U.S. government call upon one man to solve a murder and retrieve some classified missing information. Devine needs to be on good enough behavior to get the answers he seeks. They need to trust him, but he can’t trust any of them, and just maybe, he has to look over his shoulder, too. This crime fiction features themes surrounding deep investigation and the pressures of time ticking, making it similar to The Night Agent. 

TBR While Waiting For The Night Agent Season 2

These books are all must-reads for those who can’t get enough of The Night Agent, and they’re all compelling tales with the thrill of mystery and suspense. The only thing stopping readers now is choosing which ones to buy. Our top recommendation is Deep State by Chris Hauty. There are a lot of secrets to uncover after someone as important as the White House Chief of Staff is murdered.

There are plans in motion to undermine the rule of law, and one man sees all these coming, so much so that it’s hard to turn a blind eye. Deep State has everything, from mystery, suspense, military fiction, and politics. It is the perfect book to begin devouring this list.


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Our second-best recommendation is The Edge by David Baldacci. This is perfect for readers who crave an adrenaline-fueled story with a perfect blend of action and intrigue. David Baldacci puts three things at the center of his novel: a brutal murder, one small town, and a big secret. This is simply a thriller that you can’t go wrong with.


Has Peter become a Night Agent?

Yes. In the last scene of episode one, he’s handed a mysterious tablet that says, “Night Action: Mission Brief.”

Is there a season two planned for The Night Agent?

Yes! The show was renewed for a second season just one week after its premiere.


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