You can now check your temperature with your Pixel 8 Pro thanks to the new updates Google recently added to its flagship phone. The newly added temperature sensor allows you to simply put your phone to your forehead and check how you’re doing.

It’s only been added to the Pro and is one of the main features differentiating it from the Pixel 8. Google says the feature is good enough that you won’t have to carry a thermometer on trips. It allows contactless temperature testing and works with more things than just your forehead. You can check if your baby’s milk or coffee is heated to the right temperature.

The sensor is placed next to the camera and uses the infrared radiation from the item you’re testing. It supports temperatures between the range of -4 degrees to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It can read the temperature within a few seconds and display it on the phone’s screen for you.

There’s a dedicated app for the new feature named ‘Thermometer.’ To take a reading, launch the app and click on ‘Object temperature.’ Then, look for the material of the item you’re testing and select that. Then, put your phone (ideally) around two inches away from the object and tap the ‘Tap to measure’ button. The two-inch distance is a general rule for the feature, but don’t take it very seriously. You might have to go closer for smaller items.

Also, think of the sensor like how a camera works. If your object is producing a lot of steam, the sensor may not be able to take a reading properly. In that case, either wait for it to settle or take a reading from an area on the item that’s not as fogged up by steam.

There’s a helpful video on Google’s announcement page in case you want more help.


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